Her Name Is Not Lilith & She Is The Goddess Of The Wild


Her name is not Lilith. And She is the Goddess of The Wild. She is the Sacred Kundalini.

I hear her whispers in my blood. It is an ancient language. A language written since the beginning of time.

She says to me that Eve never existed. Yes, Adam was there. And he is the one she loves. Their earthly separation did not happen because of patriarchy. Because Adam is a God, too. He doesn’t accept anything that it is not sacred.

Their story is A Great Love Story.

Their earthly separation happened because of false happiness. False happiness is when everything around looks like it is great and beautiful, but inside it is burning like hell. And it keeps burning and burning and burning, till you can’t look at it anymore. Till you want to scratch every parcel of it, every cloth, every flower, every part of the false safety. And love won’t flourish there. Nothing but sadness will flourish there. No matter how much you love him, no matter how much he loves you.

A woman has to meet with her wild self. She needs the forest and the forest needs her. Because the forest is her territory. Every woman should remember this. A woman needs to meet her Holy Wild. And the sacred first Daughter of Heavens is there to show us the road.

She says: “The wild is in the fire inside our soul. Fire only burns for The Sacred. And each and every soul is Sacred, knowing it or not, the fire is the miracle. Who holds the flames holds thy power, too.”

Each and every soul has the wild within. It is the beast inside who screams for justice and truth, for fire and wild. And once you have heard her scream there is nothing keeping you away from your inner beast. She knows the road. Trust her. She is your return ticket from the dark forest. She is your bridge with The Black Moon.

Your inner beast is the one who won’t settle down with the lies and the false gold. She will run away in the dark. Just because her soul doesn’t feel fulfilled there. Her talents are not being recognized. And she feels trapped. Trapped inside a castle made of gold and lies. And she will fight for her soul. A beast is the Rebel Soul. And animals are mirrors of people.

Yes. A woman needs safety. But she needs to know her wild first. She needs to walk barefoot in the dark forest, meeting all kinds of entities, dark spirits, manifestations of evil, and not holy creatures. She felt the anxiety, the loneliness, the hate, the impurity the dirt. It first felt like it wasn’t hers to see these things, but yet again they were. Each one of the dark spirits of the forest was reminding her of who she really was. A goddess. Immortal and wild.

They reminded her of this, by fighting her. By bringing her face to face with madness, emptiness, guilt, insecurity, tears, and small victories. She got to the end of it. Fighting, crying, walking the hell barefoot. And she whispers…she whispers truth in my veins, in a language only beasts understand. The first Daughter of Heavens speaks a language of blood because she is a Goddess of Essence. A Goddess of the Holy Wild. She is in the blood. Inside the blood and blood never lies. My soul adores her as you can only adore a goddess.

She is the howl in the night which screams for you to make it. The order from above for you to come out victorious and enlightened from the dark forest.
To get through one more night. Till you have built your Holy Temple within.

Photo by Gleb Lukomets on Unsplash

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"As we evolve, we stop making apologies for those soulful traits we learned to suppress during childhood in order to be accepted; for women, this is very often our primal feminine nature, our wildness, our authentic voice, and our cyclical rhythms. Those in your inner circle knew exactly what to expect from their old friend who was comparatively tame, reliable, and even-keeled, but this innovated version of you has caught them completely off-guard. Quite understandably, they may be shaken by this soulful wolf-girl who is claiming her right to sacred solitude, for they have no box to put her in. No label suits her, and everyone’s logical left brain struggles when it has no name for what it is encountering. Human beings can literally only see what they can understand, and it is the masculine nature in all of us, regardless of gender, that wants to predict, strategize, fragment, and label." —Danielle Dulsky of @wolfwomanwitch #howlformewolfwoman #danielledulsky #wildwoman #wolfwoman Read more: @kayharr73 @ladypantzz @dharmaunicorn @thugunicorn


Ina Gjata


Ina Gjata is a Moon lover, not yet graduated journalist, painter, life lover. Passionate about the wild feminine and wild creatures. She doesn’t do well with system rules, regulations and lies. A born rebel being, she believes real truth is inside us all and that writing is a piece of the great truth, meant to be told, and manifested. Connect with her on Facebook.

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