By Elizabeth Jezorski HOLY FIRE

Dear Men, You Are Warriors — And You Are Already Worthy

worthy warrior


To the men of the world,

I LOVE you.

You are our fathers, brothers, sons, uncles, cousins, husbands, lovers, and friends. I have laughed with you, cried with you, danced with you, supported you, witnessed your own life unfolding through the same patriarchal pressure cooker that has burned women at the stake and terrorized children for thousands of years.

I know that you have also felt the system’s unyielding grasp on your own heart and breath. You have also felt its chokehold in the form of toxic masculinity: the suppression of your own emotional states, economic slavery, and spiritual deadness.

I know that you, too, long for reconnection to a deeper world of purpose, pleasure, and beauty. You long to feel your own creative power and have your desire met openly, fully, and honestly.

I see you.

I have often met you in the places of your longing and felt your sincere aching for the offering of life’s fullness. Way beyond the superficial desires for money, sex, power, or god — you, like us, have longed for deeper fulfillment.

I have noticed how hard you try to be a “good man” — to deserve these bounties of nature, woman, god, and love.

But what is a “good man”?

The cultural understanding of a “good man” is that he follows the laws of society, works diligently, and pays his dues. He tends his home and family with patience and loving discipline. He defends the less fortunate without enabling them. He knows how to have healthy fun but never to excess. He will fight for what is right and lay down his life for his beliefs, morals, family, and god.

A “good man” has earned his place.

You know, this all sounds a bit “George Banks” to me.

Men, this kind of “goodness” is a false ideal that lives on the surface of your being. It is an image that was created for others, so that they would accept you. It is a social construct that is worn like a mask to show others that you are, indeed, a safe and worthy person deserving of all you have. This “goodness” is a political position, a protective shell.

After all, a “good man” is protected by the patriarchy and deserving of its various privileges.

Think about it.

“He is a good man” is the rallying cry echoed throughout every courtroom where a semi-powerful man’s behaviors are being called into question. Listen closely, you will hear it, too: “He is a good man and a good man doesn’t deserve this treatment.”

Dear Men, allow me to be the first to tell you — we don’t need you to be “good”.

We need you, now at the fall of the patriarchy, to be fucking Warriors.

We need you to be accountable — to claim full ownership for your actions and behaviors, even when they’ve been less than “good”.

We need you to live with integrity — to live a path of honor that goes beyond “goodness” and into the realm of Truth and Justice.

We need you to get Real, and claim the parts of yourself that don’t qualify as “good” — but are within you nonetheless.

Men, we need you to be Warriors and to realize that the enemy you’re facing is not outside yourself — it is within. This enemy dwells in the shadow of your own mind, in the places you fear most to tread.

The enemy you are facing is the part of yourself that has been conditioned and sustained by the patriarchal system.

As you rise to greet this enemy, wearing its mask of goodness, know that it will resist you. It will fight back against you, bringing with it an army of shame, guilt, fear, and despair. And you, Warriors, must meet this army, with your sword raised, not in anger or hatred, but in Love.

And as you do, please trust, that although it may be too dark to see, the voices and swords of all who stand in Truth are here beside you.

We are ready.


Men of the world, you are not a boy earning a mother’s love anymore. You are not a boy earning a father’s respect anymore. You do not need to make yourself worthy — you are already worthy.

You are loved so much.

You are a Warrior.

I am so sorry that patriarchy took that knowing from you.

I am so sorry.

I love you.

I love you.

Photo by Zoltan Tasi on Unsplash

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. . .


Elizabeth Jezorski

Elizabeth Jezorski is creator, mover, and facilitator of Wild Embodiment, a growing space in Maine for movement explorations, depth work, and embodied play. She feels passionate about awakening connections that empower change by bringing awareness to and transforming self-limiting personal and collective patterns. Elizabeth is currently completing her Master's work in Dance Movement Therapy at Lesley University. She is a student of Sat Yoga Institute and of Grandmother Kaariina of CoCreAvatars. She has practiced 5 Rhythms and Authentic Movement for nearly a decade, has a B.A. in Transpersonal Psychology and is an experienced, certified yoga teacher. To connect with Elizabeth, please visit her website at Wild Embodiment or on Facebook. For All Our Relations!

  1. Thank You Liz.

    Thank You for your Love letter to men.

    Your expressions are a balm for healing the aching hearts of my brothers who did not allow the “patriarchy” to take anything from them. We simply did what was necessary to survive. Yes, we suffered, are suffering. Yet, we’ve been emerging all along indeed. Some of You saw us. Were confused by us. Misunderstood us. Violated us. Manipulated us. Used us for your own ends. Trashed us mercilessly. Abused our genuine wisdom and humility. We forgive You….

    We Love You.
    We have always Loved You.
    We will always Love You…..

    May We flourish in awakening to the Truth
    I am You
    You are Me…

    All Joy to You Liz,

  2. Much Love, Gregory. We rise together.

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