By Leahanne Woods HOLY FIRE

Rise My Tantric Queen & Unleash Yourself Into The Nature Of Your Dreams


Fiercely follow your own path. Hear the inner beat of your own drum. That is where the magic lies, and that is where we need you to go now.

The tantra of each other as consciously whole creators is what we need.

Peel off from the old “have to’s” and journey step-by-step into the wonderment of pure living.

Heaven does reside right here on Earth. May we find it for ourselves and share our light, our truth, our continuous awakening!

Shed the old worn out patterns today and tonight. Burn your old chains and the things that fit before but not now.

Trust with complete faith in the new fresh life. Though you do not even see what’s around the corner, know, feel, that it’s more than worth going through the fear and into the mystery now.

Believe your own footing, your psychic dreams, the tickle you feel inside. That’s your truth that is on the horizon but is not written on Earth yet.

We are watching. We are those around you who secretly hope for that which we cannot yet name. We long for you to discover you. We see you are on your way, unfolding now. We need your essence which is that of the ancient wisdom as well as the new birthing of what we long for, but have never seen.

We are the elixir to each other. We are the puzzle pieces we’ve been searching for so long that we’ve forgotten that we can awaken each other with our love. Each of us is a key to unlock what is needed. May we believe in ourselves and unlock the forgotten doors now.

Venture on into that new thing that’s been awaiting you. With ease, a sense of joy, and renewal of your formal senses, unleash yourselves into the nature of your dreams. Take on that project you enjoy. The day has come to forget the drone that keeps us chained to time here. That day is done. Float into your next discovery, the most essential part of life now. For all of us — believe.

Heart Howl:
In the deepest and most hidden part of your heart, you will find your mastery elixir. Find it. Know it. Use it. It’s essential for truly living your life. Without it, you are merely coping.

For more self-study, The Urban Howl recommends Awakening Shakti: The Transformative Power of the Goddesses of Yoga.

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"We're afraid that if we go all in that we might miss out on what this life has to offer. It's not true." . . . get both feet into your dreams . . . whole heart . . . whole self . . . whole life . . . jump ALL IN to the life you really want to be living . . . #youarethemagic #jump #bothfeet #wakeupanddream


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