Though I May Be A Warrior, My Only Weapon Is Purity Of Intention


Sunflowers In Her Hands

his kisses left
red and purple marks
like battle wounds
on my thighs
and chest, and my muse
whispered to me as I fell asleep.

all I wanted to think about
was you, you rubbing healing balm
over my aches, you
catching my tears
in the palm of
your hand
and turning
them into

I rode into the storm, got wounded
because it was the only thing
I knew to do.

old habits, pent-up energy and all,
how strange it is
to be human.

you know more than anyone
that actions don’t often
reflect truth, and the truth is
I love you
with all
my broken heart.

cleansed from expectation
and lovingly detached,
a broken heart is not
accursed as it sounds.

though I may be a warrior,
you do not need to hold
up your shield, because
my only weapon is
purity of intention
and my only wound
is from
loving deeply.

so deeply that I forgot
to hold up my shield,
a mistake that does not
have to be a mistake, that all
would do well to make,
just once, but not more than once.

then war could be over
if we wanted it,
and I could
kiss the sunflowers
right out of your hands
so that you could
put them over
my chest,
and send me home.

Photo by Pascal B. on Unsplash

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