Boundaries: Be The Puppy In Wolves Clothing When The Howl Arises


Visually perceive yourself as the wild animal backed into a corner.

Options are exhausted,
as you are,
of continuously playing it nice,

for the satisfaction and happiness of others.

You must act with self-love
to survive emotionally
and thrive as the peaceful warrior you are
within this world.

You are too important not to!

Even the gentlest of creatures will defend itself
if threatened,
emotionally abused, or tortured in any way for too long.

Survival in any form is a natural instinct,

And is your birthright

to be as joyful as a puppy

playfully exploring the world.

Be the puppy in wolves clothing when the howl arises.

Remember the Universe loves puppies so much.
Just as it unconditionally loves you.

You may feel like a vulnerable, unsure puppy,

but you have a pack of Universal angelic wolves lovingly standing with you.

Wow, I feel empowered just feeling their energy beside me,
behind me,
beyond me,
and whoa, look at those ones circling around…

Messing with angelic Universal wolves
and puppies
is so not wise.

Be the puppy in wolves clothing when need be.

No full moon required.

Photo by ractapopulous on pixabay

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