By Michele Mekel MIND RISE

Re-Member Yourself: The Journey To Wholeness


Earth-plane living is often unbearably dense and always exceedingly dusty. It can weigh us down and dull our shine. It can cause us to forget who we really are and what we came here to do. It can blind us to the wonder that abounds in the world and in ourselves.

But — if we’re brave enough to recoup our special magic by stripping away the heavy deposits of life’s pitting residues, we can re-member our personal power and our unique purpose. Our rightful joy anxiously awaits us. Our extraordinary potential urgently beseeches us to take action. Our innumerable possibilities insistently call out to us to come find them.

Of course, this arduous journey to wholeness isn’t for the faint of heart, the impatient, or the uncommitted. It’s certainly daunting, and it’s rarely quick and easy. And, unlike cosmetic surgery, this metaphysical endeavor won’t miraculously erase the deep dents and disordered dings that accumulated along the gnarled paths to growth and wisdom, or the jagged scars that remain to demonstrate our strength of character.

Finally, be warned: Don’t bother asking for specific directions because there’s very simply no map. You must trust soul to know the way, and you must have faith that it will ultimately guide you to your own true north.

So, if and when you’re genuinely ready to recall and reclaim all that you are, just take a deep breath, let go, and dive all the way in.

Wash Clean Your Soul* and Return Fully Woke

Accumulations of daily detritus weigh heavy in the chambers of your heart. Your ashen sorrows besmirch life’s riotous colors and hide away its bright wonder. And your cavernous wounds suppurate with mephitic self-loathing. 

But, Beleaguered Sister, do not surrender. No. Not ever.

Crawl, clamor, and claw your way forward. Follow the near-silent Siren Song of ice-capped waters to higher truth and genuine forgiveness. Propel yourself into the bone-chilling liquid depths — despite your waning strength and your flagging courage. 

Then. And then. And only then. 

Battered Spirit, lie motionless a moment amidst the frigid surf. Allow the lapping waves to purloin your baseless worries, embezzle your shackling doubts, and pilfer the noxious lies you tell yourself far too often.

Float, Beloved Sibling. Float free. Float fearlessly. 

Release your soul to be washed clean by Danu’s primordial healing, to be liberated from Hades’ hellish grip. And, ultimately, return, once more, Resplendent Goddess, to the walking world — fully woke.

 * The notion of “soul washing” derives from “Gem of the Ocean” by playwright August Wilson.

For more self-study, The Urban Howl recommends The Universe Has Your Back: Transform Fear to Faith.

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