Hungry Ghost, Please Tell Me Something True


Feel Me

In a world of senses that’s become comfortably numb, please tell me you felt something.

Did you see me sleeping in sweet surrender as I welcomed you into my space?
I opened my heart, my body, and soul to share something sacred, Amazing Grace.

You touched me.

Did you feel the warmth of my skin, the beating of my heart,
my breath rising and falling with your caress?

Did you feel my lips?

Did you hear me moan and sigh
As I welcomed you between my thighs?

A holy gate into my world where love and pleasure are meant to be felt.
The union of two souls merged into a cosmic orbit belt.

Did you feel your body?

Did you feel your soul, communicate with mine?
A place where no words are needed.
Just a heart song playing in eternal time.

Did your heart beat?

Did it race?

Did it take over your mind?

Or did fear slip in and contaminate
The sacred and sublime?

Please tell me you felt something?

Was it fear, confusion, or doubt?

Because I need to know that you’re alive
And that our moment was not a lie.

Perhaps you are a hungry ghost
A lost soul in between.

But that’s not true, because I felt you
In all the layers in between.

Your words don’t seem to match your heart
So please tell me something true.

For if I loved a hungry ghost
That’s what I was meant to do.

Photo by Matheus Ferrero on Unsplash

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Cassandra Bellarei

Cassandra Bellarei is a reluctant writer, modern medicine woman and the author of two books of poetry, Eyes of My Soul and Heart Songs. Her work has been published in the Best of Rebelle Society Volume 1, Journey of the Heart (Balboa Press), Women's Spiritual Poetry, Fearless Parent, The Vibes, and Mantra Yoga and Health Magazine. Her passions are in the healing + creative arts, nature, travel, music, and wide open hearts. You can follow her fire on her website.

  1. This is so beautiful Cassandra, thank-you.
    With appreciation, Tanya

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