Ancient Heart, Release Your Bottomless Love & Let The Magic Be Known


Born With An Ancient Heart

She was born with an ancient heart
For it would be impossible to begin with the amount of love she kept inside in just one life

She was born with an ancient heart
Honoring it every day
Letting love run through her
Feeling it for herself and then giving it away

She was born with an ancient heart
Offering her to feel deeply to the core
To hold a love like the beauty of a jewel
Bringing all the energy in to feel more and more

She was born with an ancient heart
Which knew what would make love grow
With a deeper knowledge to set fire to a feeling and let the love change shape and flow

She was born with an ancient heart
For her body had a holy beat
It connected her to the rhythm in the sky and on the forest floor so she could connect to everything

She was born an ancient heart
Created by the bond that we hold when we open the door
Trusting someone to know where we have been and where we will go
Setting us free from expectation and judgment’s hold
Making gratitude stir like a wind ready to be set free

She was born with an ancient heart
Knowing to love in the moment she was in
She experienced the ache of pieces of life being taken away so quickly
Knowing that things do not stay for eternity

She was born with an ancient heart
Far from perfect and untouched
Rips and tears, patched and pieced back together
Pieces worn and torn creating texture
Small holes where light would shine and rain would seep in

She was born with an ancient heart
She did not carry it like a prize but had an understanding that she had a force ready to pour from inside
Knowing to hold on would be more painful than to release it and let the magic be known

She was born with an ancient heart
She would never know where this bottomless love came from or why
What existed in her was here
To be moved through
To let other feel what she already knew
To spread this feeling far and wide

Photo by Garon Piceli from Pexels

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"we are so powerful; we decide, whether our Earth will live or die, we’ve got to keep, the LOVE alive! did we even fathom,
our planet, a phantom,
so consumed with expansion,
forgot about atoms. well, particles of matter, could we be sadder, children forgetting about laughter, while wallets get fatter- and still, we cry in vain, look for others to blame, continue searching outside; someone or something, to vilify. separate from our own souls, hiding in our deep dark holes, fighting for world peace." —Aliza Gerritt og @alizagerritt #mindrise #holyfire #worldpeace #poeticjustice #howlforyourlife More here: @kayharr73 @ladypantzz @thugunicorn @dharmaunicorn


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