The Raven’s Call: Surrender, And Join The Ring Of Power


Trees are different cloaked in white.
Wisdom elders drawing close,
hold us in their circle,
like a Taos painting I once saw.

Left palm aches to imagine
a community of power
in these distant woods
where winter lays a heavy hand.

This is the time.
Dark, cold moments
when power steps forth,
held by ancient ones
appearing as trees.

Spruce and cedar so tall,
I want to expand my length,
dance in their arms,
join these keepers of eternity.

Raven’s call resounds
through muffled woods,
drawing edges inward,
so all are present.
Even the towering pines
at Search Bay ride black wings
to the vision council.

This is about power.
Tree’s have power
in their deep-rooted stance.
I have power when I surrender
to what rises through me
and guides the way.

No choice but surrender,
death is assured
for all of us.
So why not?

Dance toward death
on the feet of power.
Dance toward death on
a planet exploding inward.
Cloak of power beyond grasp,
we self-destruct to escape
its heavy mantle.

Power is here.
In you and me,
in these ancient trees,
in the young saplings emerging
beneath their branches.
We are power, power full.

Wisdom council of elders
calls whales and bears,
swift-footed coyotes, ravens, and eagles.
All call us to join the ring of power.
Our destiny created
by the direction of breath
and the love in our hearts.

Everyone is called to this table.
The homeless on city streets,
the albatross eating plastic in the Arctic,
Polar bears losing their ground,
even the Koch brothers bent on destruction
of what we hold dear.

We are all called.
Why miss this chance?
It only comes once in a millennium.
We can rise to evolutions mandate.
Join with power!

All the rest is naught,
meaningless to an awareness revolution
necessary for continued existence.
Today, the shaman’s call.
How will I join them?

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"Women’s bodies are directly linked to the Earth. When I say my body and the Earth are one, it’s like, I have the power to create life the way the Earth has the power to create life, and to wax and wane like the Earth and the moon do through seasons and phases. I have a 28-day cycle, and my body is like the moon. I have the power to create life in my womb, just like the Earth itself. And then, as women, the way the Earth rebirths herself in spring and goes through a full moon in the summer, we’re on fire, and then in the fall we notice our energy starts to wane, and then in winter we die only to be reborn again. What can be more powerful than the power to die (bleed for days in our cycle) or create life itself?" —Sarah Durham Wilson of @sarahdurhamwilson #MODERNWITCH Read more: @kayharr73 @ladypantzz @tanyamarkul @thugunicorn


Lisa Marks


Lisa Marks MA LMHC had a dream that inspired a lifelong movement practice. Out of her journey arose Sentient Body Explorations®. Resting on the theoretical foundations of Process Work Psychology, Sentient Body Explorations demonstrate how subtle awareness and movement uncover information drawing us closer to our essential self and our soul’s purpose. Lisa creates safety, laughter and direction for this powerful practice of embodiment. Lisa is a Psychotherapist, Organizational Consultant, Process Work Associate, Sentient Body Coach and Soul Motion™ teacher. She loves exploring embodiment in relationship to the self, others and the planet that holds us. Trees and beaches in the woods and waters of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and the Olympic Peninsula of Washington are her movement partners. Passionate about her spiritual and movement practices, gardening, hiking, and poetry, she can also be found performing with Yesango Marimba Ensemble.

  1. Dear Lisa,
    This was potent and powerful and moved me deeply. Thank-you.

  2. Thank you Tanya. So grateful you it moved you.

    Yes, a potent invitation… perhaps there is no doing involved? I imagine it rising from the Earth itself, until it becomes our new way of being. Deep bow to effortless unfolding.
    Warmly, Lisa 🙏🌎💖

    • Ahhh… yes… I call it ‘it is through being that the becoming unfolds’. I tried to find you on instagram to follow you but no luck. I’m @tanyabeingbliss in case it calls, smiles. xo

      • Lovely! “Through being that the becoming unfolds.” Truth in that, can feel it. The becoming that is embodiment emerging rather than mind creating.
        Haven’t connected with Instagram as yet. Am on Facebook. Will consider your reply as an invitation and see when it happens then let you know!!
        xoxo Lisa

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