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This New Moon, Release Trauma & Let Yourself Be Transformed


We have arrived at the New Moon in Scorpio.

Scorpio is the intuitive, psychic process. It is the raging river pouring into and through the empty places in the deepest corners of our psyches. The river does not think about where it flows; it just flows. We are remembering how to trust its direction, even when we have no conscious idea where it is leading.

The force of the flow can — and will — overwhelm, if the container is too small.

Most of us must feel the box tightening around ourselves before we realize the need to smash through it. We need to become aware of the chains on our ankles before we can cut them free. We need to enter into the dark before we fully dance in the light.

Yet, we cannot stay lost in dark boxes with chains around our ankles.

Scorpio tends to brood, to stay stuck in a prison cell of its own emotional dankness. It’s rather like being inside a great snake’s belly, being slowly digested and churned from raw, primal material into something usable, something enduring, something…pure.

Many of us are questioning if there truly is a way out of this deep, soggy place. We feel bombarded with issue after issue, disaster after disaster, raining down, like hail upon our unsheltered heads.

The only way out of this Scorpionic snake passage is to go through it — we must allow ourselves to be fully processed.

Growth requires tension.

It is only when the right amount of psychic tension is created that the impetus to expand forward and upward is generated.

Shunyamurti of Sat Yoga Institute likens this process to a thermostat; the heater only kicks on when the air in a space cools below a certain temperature. To get warm requires a moment of chilliness. Expansion requires contraction.

Likewise, we have begun to reach the boiling point in this cultural and psychic pressure cooker. The tension between accumulating steam and the tight lid of the kettle is nearly at capacity.

We need to release pressure, lest we explode (or, for some of us, implode).

The question is — how do we release pressure in a way that is healing and creative, rather than destructive and consuming?

As Jupiter leaves watery Scorpio and, one day after the new moon, enters its ruling sign of fiery Sagittarius, we will see an increase in energy. With this, will likely also come unseen opportunities, positive growth, and some much-needed motivation. A word of caution — Jupiter in Sag increases our tendency for indulgence, temper tantrum, and ego flare-ups.

Now, more than ever, we need to make space for our self-care and spiritual practices. We need to engage with this influx of fire positively, letting it simmer us to perfection instead of burning us, and those around us, to dust.

Jupiter in Sagittarius, with sights set on higher wisdom, empowerment, and infinite possibility, is an explorer of heights, spiritual truth, and hearty abundance. Scorpio, by contrast, is the space-holder of the depths.

This Scorpio New Moon fueled by Jupiter transiting Sag is requiring us to finally trust. Surrender. Let go. Stop fearing the dark and enter into it wholly with the spirit of a great voyager; not to be consumed, but rather to know the shadow and become its ruler.

When we bring the light of conscious knowing into the depths of shadow, we transform.

Only true accountability will get us the results we want. Releasing the victim narrative, refusing to cast blame, resisting the desire to shame others — this new moon in Scorpio offers a powerful opportunity to release trauma from the very cores of our personal and collective beings.

Jupiter is the deliverer of all good things; and all good things come when we take unwavering accountability for our triggers, our rage, and our shadows.

Collectively, we are being brought through the belly of the snake.

This New Moon, let yourself be transformed.

Photo by Oleg Magni from Pexels

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Elizabeth Jezorski

Elizabeth Jezorski is a Soul Embodiment Coach, astrologer, yogini and, of course, writer living on the coast Maine with her beloved husband and three children. She owns and facilitates Wild Embodiment, an up-and-coming center for the expansion of consciousness, depth-healing and expression of the Wild Soul. In this space, Liz acts as Midwife for the Soul, helping her clients move beyond the victim story and reclaim sovereignty. Elizabeth is currently accepting new clients for astrology readings, individual healing sessions and ongoing spiritual coaching. Her work combines movement, with meditation and depth psychology to facilitate powerful shifts in consciousness that resolve wounds at the root. Elizabeth has a MA in Dance Movement Therapy and a BA in Transpersonal Psychology. She is a certified yoga teacher, and Reiki healer. As a student of consciousness, Elizabeth has studied astrology, meditation, embodiment and archetypal psychology. To learn more about her work, please find her on Facebook and visit her website.

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