One Part Buddha. One Part Bada$$. All Divine Rebel.


To all the Divine Rebels…

Give yourself permission to fly. Expand. Shine. Be brilliant in all of your unique glory and the things that make you, you. To hell with what they’re going to say. To hell with the ones who think you’re “too much” or “over the top.”

Why, you may ask?

You were born who you were for a reason. Have you ever thought that when you limit yourself, when you cut off parts of yourself to be more like them, that you are doing a massive disservice to you and the powers that be who designed you to be who you are?

When we clip our wings to try to fit in the tiny cage that they’ve created, all it brings is pain and disconnection. When you clip your wings and wear a mask to fit in and hide who you truly are, you will always feel alone.

It’s impossible to feel connected when we’re denying our very essence.

When we meet ourselves with loathing, with shame, with hatred and aversion, we are, in fact, questioning the very intelligence that created us and saying, “I know better about who I am supposed to be and it is not who I am.”

How can we ever be at peace and in love when we loathe ourselves? The answer is that we can’t. Life becomes painful and full of emptiness when we deny who we are!

So, I challenge you now. I challenge you to stand up and let your brilliance shine. Stare into the voice within that tells you to sit down and shut up. The one that says “who do you think you are.” The one that fears the judgment and rejection.

Why? Because the only person who has to accept you is you in all of your brilliant badassery and rebellion.

When the naysayers appear outside of us, greet them with a smile and with love for they are truly naught but the physical embodiment of some outdated inner narrative that you are ready to be free from. But you must acknowledge it in order to be free. We cannot go on ignoring the mirrors any longer because the world needs us now.

The boxes, the rules, the standards, and the way of living that we’ve been so desperately trying to fit ourselves into isn’t working for us. It’s like the carrot and the stick, isn’t it? The allure of some place, some state of being, an ideal weight, a particular job, or that perfect mate is dangled in front of us and we chase. We focus on that destination and we rob ourselves of the only thing we have which is right now.

We pass through our days working toward that ideal, while each and every day we pay a precious price for it — our time. We say things like, “I’ll be happy when I…” or “I’ll do what makes me happy after I…” or “I’ll love myself when I get that…”

It’s bullshit.

All of these things trick us into thinking that the one thing we so badly crave is somewhere outside of us wrapped up in success, partners, children, clothes, experiences, sex, travel, food, promotions, money, or whatever. It’s the biggest lie we’ve ever been told!

The only place to find what you seek is within you, beautiful soul.

It is within you, down in the dark boxes and closets where you’ve cut off and hidden your laughter, your spunk, your wings, your magic, and your personality. It’s just behind that voice that says, “If only I was skinnier, fatter, taller, blonder, curvier, shorter, funnier, more serious, smarter, quieter, more artistic, less creative, more vocal, less vocal, this way or that way, then I would be enough.”

The voice that is fed by the hungry, shameless capitalist, consumerist patriarchy that creates the rules, the very beast that wants you to hate yourself so that you seek outwardly for the solution to your self-loathing because when you seek outwardly, you buy — and when you buy, they prosper.

So ask yourself now, who am I to say that I am not enough? Who am I to believe that I am not perfect as I am?

Ask yourself, “Am I done clipping my wings to make those who can’t fly more comfortable?”

And when you are ready to fly, when you are ready to break free, come on over and Hug Your Chaos with us. Join our beautiful group of Divine Rebels and Sacred Disrupters. Come and learn how to be one part Buddha and one part Badass.

Because that’s what the world needs right now.

Photo by nappy from Pexels

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