I Did Not Come Here For Compliments — I Am Not A Girl


I Am Not A Girl

I’m 42 so use your words properly
I did not come here for compliments
I am not a girl

Own your response to my body’s truth
Do my hips make your hands ache?
Does my mouth make you salivate?
Is my presence reminding you how you forgot yourself?
I am not a girl

I drink truth like wine
It makes my limbs loose and my breath hot
I can find it in the dark
I can see it in your stare
I can feel it when you hold me like I am the last life jacket on a sinking ship
Your poison is my perfume
I am not a girl

I am steady as a rock
Soak me with your words
Push me down with your dark hurts
Do not try to trick me with a kiss
I can see the little boy
Before he learned to lie
(Do you recognise me?)

I can show you how to hold truth
In the palms of your hands
Without getting burned
Does your heart flicker for this?
Are you afraid to want what is yours?
Don’t be

You cannot show me anything that I don’t already see
Truth is like blood–
When you stop the flow
Parts of you begin to die
So how alive are you?

I’m 42 so use your words properly
Tell me ’til your cheeks are red hot
Tell me ’til your shining eyes spill
I will meet you here
I will hold you here
I did not come here for compliments
I am not a girl

I am here for truth
For truth — I am all in
Come with me

Photo by DESIGNECOLOGIST on Unsplash

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