By Leahanne Woods HOLY FIRE

Be In The Sun, Be Life & Become The Light Of The World


For now, go ahead and feel the light in full. Stay opened. The new light from the sun is entering for the first time here.

Allow the light to bring you to new heights.

There is DNA entering us that has never been here until now. Embrace this by embracing both your masculine and feminine self. Feel the balance within, and allow it to show you your truth by feeling it. Just as day and night, it takes the light and the dark to make life.

You will know your truth by what is bringing you joy today. In your purest of pure energy, what thoughts or fantasies bring a big smile to your face? Yes, that. That’s your truth. That’s your big clue into how to live your truth now.

May you live on the happiest, highest wave of the newly incoming light! By doing so, you are living as the true you.

Then, by nature, you spill out with light to others. In this, you become the light of the world. Through you, life is turned on. Cellular level healing happens everywhere from this. This is nature. The rippling out effect of conscious love awakening light rights that which had become dis-eased.

The wind will blow in the particular direction to uplift those to lift others. It will bring life where death and misfortune had been accepted.

The rains will come to parched lands where all vitality had lain without a spark of hope on the dry fields they once called life. Suddenly awakening forgotten life out of what had been dust — now is mud, is healing. A friend, the rain, who had not been there for so long, returned. Water pounds the ground it had originally made with earth long ago. Remembered is life.

Returned life from its original source, the sun, was once an idea of the divine, the firstborn, the alpha and omega of all here. Each day it dies and returns to each of us again and again. Connect with your origin, your light, your returning to life. Become a vessel of life for the all.

Photo by Eepeng Cheong on Unsplash

Heart Howl:
Don’t be afraid to jump toward your dreams with your whole heart. You can either be in a faith-building journey to the unimaginable, or in a safe stationary state maintaining fear of the unknown. Honor your heart. Choose your dreams. Jump.

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"Wild is owning. Owning your truth, your life, your labels, your strength. Wild is fierce strength, animal strength, the kind of strength that tumbles down on Mount Olympus, the kind of strength it takes to get up each morning and face the day." —Courtney Quinlan #WAKINGWILD Read more: @kayharr73 @ladypantzz @tanyamarkul @thugunicorn


Leahanne Woods Smith

Leahanne Woods is a 44-year-old spirit of light. She is a writer, a caregiver for the elderly, a mom of two sons. She is a Warrior Goddess, a Shamanic Shakti Queen, and a yogi who lives in western North Carolina. She is The Recorder Machine for the divine archives, seeing often unseen beauty and warriorism in the human spirit and articulating it in ways that both present and preserve it with honor.

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