10 Ways To Embrace Living As A Wild Woman


There’s a new breed of women emerging. Women who are embracing their wild and fierce roots.

Women who have the courage to be vulnerable, to face their fears, and to be honest with themselves and others around them.

Women committed to healing the world through healing themselves and are not afraid to sit with their dark side, their wounds, and learn wisdom through their pain.

Women who understand that they are the creators of their own lives.

These women are of all ages and come from all walks of life. They are ready to embrace and awaken the wild one within.

Are you ready to join them?  Here are ten ways to embrace living as a Wild Woman:

1. Accept That You Create Your Reality

Personal responsibility with compassion for self is key to embracing your wild side.  If you believe that life is happening to you without your input, it’s time to embrace your ability to co-create with life. Wake up and take responsibility for where and who you are at this time while making decisions today that will improve your tomorrow.

2. Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway

A Wild Woman understands that to be fearless is not to be without fear. It is to continuously push against and break down the barriers of fear within. To feel the fear and do it anyway.

3. Stop Playing The Blame Game

If you are still engaging in the Blame Game, i.e. pointing fingers at others for where you are in life now — stop. Take responsibility for who you are in the now and not what happened to you in the past. Rise above the blame game and start the process of healing.

4. Heal Yourself To Heal The World

If every person started on their own personal healing journey, integrated their shadow side, and cast out their own demons, no one would need to save the world. We only have to save ourselves. Heal yourself to heal the world.

5. Embrace Change And Understand The Life/Death/Life Cycle

Understanding that nothing lasts forever and the need to embrace change as the only constant is the strength of the Wild Woman. Even death itself is just a rebirth into another life. There’s nothing to fear in change and struggle comes from clinging on to what no longer serves us. Nothing new would begin or be born without a death or an ending. Embrace the life/death/life cycle.

6. Become Resilient And Persevere

A Wild Woman must learn to become strong, resilient, and to persevere. Life will rarely hand you everything on a plate. If you want to change the world and live your dreams, you must learn to persevere in your efforts on an individual and collective level.

7. Walk Your Own Path

Never be afraid of walking your own path even if you may get trampled by the herd. The world needs you to be unique! Be a first-class version of you and not a second class version of someone else.

8. Develop Compassion & Empathy

Compassion must start with you. Until you learn how to feel compassion and empathy for yourself, you will always struggle to unconditionally accept others.  Learn to accept yourself, warts and all, and commit to the journey ahead of becoming all you can be.

9. Live In The Now

The past is gone. The future never arrives. You only have the now. You can change your past through how you perceive it in the now and you create your future by the decisions you make today. Live in the moment.

10. Embrace Your Passion & Creativity To Follow Your Purpose

Your passions and creativity are likely to be linked to your life purpose. Find your passion whether it be art, writing, speaking, or healing and create with your passion.

Photo by Taylor Ann Wright on Unsplash

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