The Moon Calls Our Children To The Wild — Let Them Answer


My kids are highly sensitive. That means they’re strongly influenced by earthly and cosmic occurrences. They feel the energetic vibration of their environment, and subtle changes in those around them. They react to extraordinary events like weather changes.

My highly sensitives are bombarded with sensation stimulus both inside and outside of their bodies. From the busyness of home, school, and extracurricular activities, to the sun’s dance with the stars, they feel all the worldly influences shape, rip, and tear at their very limbs.

Sometimes the weight of it all gets the best of them.

One of the strongest influences in my children’s lives is the moon. Their need for a physical outlet is unavoidable. They become more ‘touchy’ and emotional, tears and rage at the ready. They cross boundary lines, initiate sibling ‘wars’ and dream vividly disturbing dreams.

Basically, our house becomes a giant wrestling ring and I am the woman in the middle with the whistle. It is my duty to create a safe space for my kids to express. As I always say, “It’s okay to be angry…it’s not okay to kick your brother in the face.”

The moon reminds us to feel our bodies. She calls us into the epicenter of our being. Drives us away from logic in order to force us back to her deep, inner knowing. She represents a guide map of feeling our way through tumultuous times. She is the intelligence of our body and intuitive nudge into the brilliant chaos of living out loud.

Our children speak her language. She magnetizes and draws the buried feelings out to the surface, and our children are soothed by her knowing. They lean into this rather than run from it and welcome permission for action.

Our sweet babes experience their own feelings, sensations, and even trauma around the quiet demands of childhood.  They, too, need to express the rumbling wounds in their achy bellies.

The expectations are high for little minds and there is minimal room for error. If they are imperfect, they are punished. If they fidget, they are labeled. If they have a bad day, they are scorned.

Childhood is an excruciating experience for many children who are not loved for their individual art of expression and for some, a full moon is the only chance to set this truth free.

Deep down, our kids’ biggest fear is that they’re losing the battle between ‘badness’ and ‘goodness’.

But the moon is what glimmers hope around an invisible path. She reminds them who they are is no accident at all. The way they feel the world is completely normal and natural. She calls them to stand in the glorious imperfections of humanity. She urges them to be curious, daring, and vibrant.

She is the sound of the native drum that calls them home to self.

It is the quaking of sensation that must be unleashed and matters not who sees this, or how it is done. It matters only to howl, kick, and scream until they are purged of their sense of lack.

The moon gives our kids an outlet and reminds them to follow the natural impulses of their bodies, to dance, and stomp out the warrior within.

We must commit to seeing the importance of our children unapologetically ‘wolfing out’ to their moon song. This is not a reflection of our lack as parents, rather our children’s deep desire to unleash the ancestral pain trauma inside of them.

It is imperative we allow our children the sacred space to transform. We, mothers, can see the truth of this. We can feel it humming inside of our depletion, we know our children’s desire to be good collides with their inherent need to be free. We see the glint of our children just before they shapeshift to the werewolf.

We are the medicine with powers of love,  acceptance, and nurturing. They need us to see the healing purpose in their moonlit eyes while they growl, bark, and sneer in their own divine right.

It’s okay to send the wolves out into the woods to run and howl while we deeply reflect on our own path. It is equally as important to see how these behaviors are not only completely natural but should be expected while they grow and learn.

Do not forget, you dear Mother, have your own transformation to attend to. You, mother, are the guide on your children’s journey and you will know how to call them home when it is time.

Encourage your younglings to dance, sing, and howl. For this is no reflection of badness or goodness, it is the simple joy of answering the call of the wild world.

The moon is a powerful influence in all of our lives. She is here to nurture and guide us back to our natural state. She is the mother calling you in, to whisper the strength of compassion, and command you see the purpose of raw emotional power. Choose to howl with her and allow her messages to set you free.

Photo by Rene Bernal on Unsplash

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Robin Lynn


Robin Lynn or "The Mommy Healer" works one-on-one with moms, children, and families through video chat sessions. She specializes in the area of ​​highly sensitive, sensory processing, and empathic children. She works with parents to alleviate stress, overwhelm and anxiety in the home by enhancing family communications, and understanding empathy in the sensitive child. Robin helps facilitate healing by exploring the deep and difficult journey of parenting and navigating the needs of highly sensitive children.

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