Magical Albatross Child, May Our Human Hands Release Your Pain


I’m watching the magical albatross
With her fluffy coat and clumsy step
Waiting for the time to spread her majestic wings
Lifted by the wind to cross the endless ocean

Starting life on her own
This adorable albatross child
With her stomach full of sadness

I’m watching the albatross
Her brothers and sisters are suffering
Until death releases them from their pain
Until death lifts their weakened wings

There’s a killer out there
Made by human hands
Wanted by human wants
That never stop wanting

The albatross child closes her eyes now
Her feathered wings unable to carry her to rise in the sky
Only death could make them soar
And the oceans turn red

Albatross babies with plastic inside
It doesn’t take long before it’s there
The suffering
The lifting by death’s wings

I’m watching this cowardly killed albatross child
I whisper words of salvation nobody hears
but the dark heavens above
I whisper no more suffering

I whisper compassion
I whisper truth
I whisper awakening
I whisper a new time

I whisper hope that screams

I whisper magic

And I howl love.

Photo by picturesboss

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Eva De Vor


Eva De Vor is a Dutch writer, cyclist and yogi student based on Ibiza, where she’s grateful to start her mornings with a fresh sea breeze filling her lungs. A strong believer in the power of each individual to start making this world a better place by making better choices consciously. With her legal background she has a special interest in human rights advocacy. She loves walking in nature while discovering magic and talking to animals. On Ibiza she lives a life that respects our planet and all creatures on it.

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