By Sara Hocking MIND RISE

I Want To Show You How To Listen To Your Soul — So I Jumped Ship


Free falling, the anticipation grows.

I know what is coming, but it hasn’t arrived. Yet.

My feet are first, but I don’t even notice the change until I am completely submerged.

Only after I am enveloped by the icy bliss, and taste the freedom on my lips do I remember what I’ve done.

Bobbing freely. Drifting without direction, I’ve jumped ship.


I have a habit of choosing the brightest ship, the one with the least barnacles with the most alluring figurehead and most colorful sails.

The ship always has the strictest requirements to even set foot aboard.

My journey this time was no different.

I got on, I sailed around, finding scurvy and madness surrounding me. So I leapt off.

Walking into the world of intuitive arts has been eye-opening.

When I was interested in serving clients by helping them access their higher self and their greater purpose, they were focused on if their boyfriend who cheated on them six months ago was coming back. Six other psychics have said he is. So, is he?

No. He isn’t. Rather than focusing on all your time and attention on him, here are some really awesome things I am picking up on that are coming your way.


I always invite any client to take what I say with a grain of salt. Anything can change at any time. And, no one has to believe a word of what I suggest or say.

Starting out, I found a phone app that I could do readings through to supplement my business income. I quickly left that by the wayside.

My time was better spent blogging, creating content, and doing weekly free readings through my social media accounts. My following was growing. They’d receive an overview of “what to expect” throughout the week based on what I tapped into in the collective. Then, I’d intuitively answer any questions they had.

It was so fun to interact with new people; to be able to help people and to build a reputation as someone who operated with integrity and authenticity.

It was so fun — until it wasn’t.

I realized that I was giving so much to people. These were not people (usually) who became my clients. They only tuned in during my freebies and got their fix and went on their way. So there was no energetic exchange.

After a year or so, I became depleted and disenchanted. I wanted to make a bigger difference for people.

I didn’t realize it, at the time, but I was standing on the port side of the ship, waiting for my chance to jump off.

I was ready to leave the spiritual-entertainment industry. The colorful sails became drab and the barnacles started to grow. They became all I could see.

My goal and purpose is to empower others. Teach them to find the information inside themselves.

I may have wicked intuition and be able to connect to anything you want to know, but it won’t do you any good to have to keep coming back to me. I want to show you how to listen to your soul. To decipher and trust your intuitive nudges.

And, most of all, I want to support your kids. I want them to know what their dreams mean. To know their strength and power within. To commune with the highest aspect of who they came to be.

So, I jumped ship.

Photo by Cristian Newman on Unsplash

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"If you are craving a deeper spiritual connection and want to cultivate more magic in your life, then try taking up a somatic practice that works the body, mind, heart and soul. It’s up to you to see and recognize the opportunities when they come your way. Pay attention and notice the divinely inspired way of living. The magical world of expanded spiritual senses tries to reach out to us all the time. Celebrate when magic appears in your life to capture your attention and add some sparkles! Follow the rainbow, take the scenic route, and listen your your intuition as it guides you to new opportunities. You can revitalize the magic in your life and embrace the extraordinary!" —Kara Maria Ananda #newmagic #extraordinaryeveryday #wakeupanddream Read more: @kayharr73 @ladypantzz @thugunicorn @dharmaunicorn @karamananda



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