Levelling Up Our Awakening: Yearly Medicine Forecast For 2019 – Part I


Drawing from 78 cards from Eastern and Western spiritual traditions, and the world of plant-spirit medicine, readings are specially oriented towards navigating the spiritual awakening process. I am supplementing these cards with a new set I have designed called Master Principles. This yearly spread is called Prophecy.

Theme of the year: Dreamtime, awakening, dimensional shift, transition, forgiveness

The Quote: New partnerships of all kinds are possible, elusive dreams realised, provided they occur with a basin of the holy partnership between the soul and the divine; when we are motivated by expanding love from the container of partnership to the entire world. Then, all things are possible. It may even be a surprise what is possible when the unconscious is made conscious and freed up as a resource.”

Summary: This year is all about reorienting to a new dimension where memory, emotion, and desire are all transformed in the crucible of crossing the threshold from the old world. The new world is an interplay between emptiness and form in which our old dreams are not just realised, but transcended and put in service of the Dreamtime itself. In short, it’s a year of seismic levelling up in our awakening.

The Spread: Prophecy

. . .

Forth-telling: Eagle

In the medicine wheel, we invoke Eagle by asking to fly wing-tip to wing-tip with Great Spirit; we ask to be shown the mountains we only dare dream of — our most cherished dreams. Eagle appearing in the opening position of a Prophecy spread for a yearly forecast is a positive omen. The scope of the year is being laid out before us and it is nothing less than catching sight of the path from an overarching perspective: an eagle’s eye view. But there is an inherent caveat involved.

This Eagle is aflame, symbolizing the burning up of egoistic attachments, our claims to specialness, as these dreams come from the upper air of pure spirit to manifest in the physical world. Forth-telling is the aspect of prophecy where we divine a message for the world and speak it into being.

Intrinsically, it’s not about us — where we have made a gilded cage of our desires — but where our desires are divinely inspired and in alignment with where love knows no boundaries. Radical alignment with our soul’s calling, in other words.

Eagle flies into the reading with news of a dimensional shift. We are moving beyond the base concerns of duality this year and Eagle is the messenger; as our attachments burn up through the atmosphere, we rise to share the upper air with spirit as co-creators. Eagle is all about the big picture.

From here — and this is the journey of the year in a nutshell — the details of the dream, in the end, don’t matter. Those desires lit the fire but desire itself has been transformed. We fly wing-tip to wing-tip with Great Spirit and observe the dream as nothing but the alchemy of our transformation. Manifestations are joyful expressions of the dream, not the Dream itself, which can never be limited.

Master card: Threshold

This card speaks to threshold states, and the fears we can experience as we cross the border from the dominion of the ego’s narrow agenda and into co-creative partnership. A last stand by the ego is not uncommon as we prepare to surrender the very idea of controlling our direction. Indeed, the “dweller on the threshold” can be seen as a makeshift collection of our doubts masquerading as truth, raising fears from the dead.

It is, however, just a convincing illusion and Threshold asks us to be aware of the ruse. It also prepares us for the emptiness on the other side and asks us not to lament for the goals, desires, and identifications that had been so compelling for so long, but rejoice in the new spaciousness as we reorient to our new home.

Photo: Pixabay

Photo: Pixabay

Fore-telling: Chaos

Fore-telling in the Prophecy spread is a position denoting the currents of energy. With energy shifting faster than ever, following one particular current to its endpoint is to indulge third-dimensional thinking of linear cause and effect. Chaos, appropriately, bears this out. There are too many intersecting realities or timelines to blindly follow a presenting current.

Why? Because we may invest time, energy, and our heart in an idea whose only purpose was to set us on a path, rather than take us the whole way. The ground may disappear from under our feet and we may feel shocked, disappointed, even betrayed. But that is to fail to grasp the gift that instability symbolized by Chaos represents.

In chaos theory — a butterfly flaps its wings in Brazil, causes a tornado in Texas — new orders can arise spontaneously but only in open systems in which novelty can arise. A closed mind — or one fixated on outcomes and judgments — is a closed system. The novel influence drawing forth the new order is known in physics as the “strange attractor.” We can look at the Chaos energy as unstable or be led into new basins of experience led by the strange attractor: in this case, Christ consciousness.

How do we then know where to invest our energy and focus? Here is the radical shift: We are in the process this year of leaving behind the ownership of such energy and focus that belongs to dualistic thinking. Who is the subject and who is the object? Can we have thoughts without a thinker? Put another way, instead of playing the instrument, we are the instrument being played. The energy and focus come through us. Instead of instability, it’s the excitement of discovering paths we didn’t know existed, and skills we didn’t know we had access to.

Even when what is being expressed through us has a singular focus, within it are multidimensional strands. Take nothing at face value: the pinpoint of light is a doorway to the infinite. It’s quite the multidimensional joy ride. And yes, the old rules don’t apply. We’re not in Kansas anymore.

Master card: Threshold

The second appearance of Threshold suggests we may even find ourselves crossing back and forth between the old world and the new, as if we keep going back in case we forgot something. Rather than see this as a pointless exercise based in fear, Threshold us asks to forgive ourselves for slipping. Forgiveness is the fastest route back to the state of Grace.

It’s also important to recognise the motivation for this movement. We don’t want to leave others behind and, in a sense, we don’t want to abandon our old selves either. The doorway will eventually close, but for now, we can see it merely as part of our reorientation.

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Justin Craig

Justin Craig is a writer who uses card readings and sacred space to help people navigate the spiritual awakening process. As an inveterate traveler of inner and outer worlds, Justin has a mad passion for where spirit and psychology intersect. This has repeatedly led him back to the jungle and mountains of Peru, where all his old assumptions get combusted on a bonfire of vanities. He is especially inspired by the divination and healing methods of Andean mystics, whose prophecy foretold the present "taripay pacha" – 'the age of meeting ourselves again'.

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