Levelling Up Our Awakening: Yearly Medicine Forecast For 2019 – Part III


Part III

Drawing from 78 cards from Eastern and Western spiritual traditions, and the world of plant-spirit medicine, readings are specially oriented towards navigating the spiritual awakening process. I am supplementing these cards with a new set I have designed called Master Principles. As a reminder from Part I and Part II of this article, this yearly spread is called Prophecy.

Theme of the year: Dreamtime, awakening, dimensional shift, transition, forgiveness

The Quote: New partnerships of all kinds are possible, elusive dreams realised, provided they occur with a basin of the holy partnership between the soul and the divine; when we are motivated by expanding love from the container of partnership to the entire world. Then, all things are possible. It may even be a surprise what is possible when the unconscious is made conscious and freed up as a resource.”

Summary: This year is all about reorienting to a new dimension where memory, emotion, and desire are all transformed in the crucible of crossing the threshold from the old world. The new world is an interplay between emptiness and form in which our old dreams are not just realised, but transcended and put in service of the Dreamtime itself. In short, it’s a year of seismic levelling up in our awakening.

The Spread: Prophecy

. . .

Wildcard:  Tara

Tara, as mentioned in Part II of this reading, crystallized from the tears of Chenrezig. There are, in fact, 21 manifestations of Tara, among whom Green Tara is the most commonly known. She is the swift protectress who can be called upon in times of trouble.

The Wildcard position denotes a game-changer, perhaps something we didn’t see coming, whose form is often beguiling — something that appears troubling but shakes up our preconceived ideas and wakes those aspects of ourselves that are still slumbering. Equally, it could be a miracle if we perceive it as such. Grace is still Grace whether it be gentle or fierce.

Tara is a dakini, or khandro in Tibetan, which means “sky dancer.” Like gentle and fierce Grace, the dakini can appear in both radiant and wrathful guises. As a sky dancer, she moves between worlds and is especially present during transitions, the liminal space between death and rebirth.

This gives us a clue as to why Tara has appeared as a Wildcard. It speaks to the borderlands between the old world and the new, our old identifications and our new less self-centred orientation. It speaks to the wild aspect of this transition and the reclaiming of energies — even siddhis or spiritual gifts — that have been dormant due to associated meaning and conditioning.

We are talking about the wild feminine: the hag, the witch, the medicine woman. Culturally, they have been ostracized, but they carry powerful medicine for the coming age. To claim the wild feminine is to evoke the ghosts of exile, social rejection, and persecution.

As we pass through the borderlands to our rebirth in a higher dimensional space, Tara is present, helping us transform those wounds of the previous age into a source of abiding strength. This is potent for both men and women, as the divine feminine makes her grand return.

Tara, in her gentle guise, guides us in the peaceful exercise of our new powers. She becomes a model of discernment for when to appear graceful, and when to appear wrathful, along this transition of the year, knowing always that she is loosening the bonds of ego so we may experience our true nature.

Finally, she teaches us that real security only comes from embodying more and more of our true nature. In the Wildcard position, there is an insistence on this understanding and questions of material security, in whatever form, may be exposed until it is integrated as a way of being — our very orientation in the world.

Master card: Yielding

We don’t always have to collapse or wait for a breakdown in order to surrender. Indeed, what feels like a breakdown often falls agonizingly short — as if the final break never occurred and the ego death we thought was coming is forever deferred. Yielding presupposes we are not the active agency in any case — instead, we are surrendered.

When we yield, we are leaning in to spirit just enough, without taking a grand leap of faith that may be beyond us; we are trusting just enough to allow for the intervention of Grace. It is the mustard-seed principle and mountains can be moved with our simple willingness to surrender.

Yes, surrender can be a practice, but the ego can co-opt even this process, binding us with barely hidden conditions.

Yielding is good news in the Wildcard position. When the ride does indeed get a little wild, our sincere desire for surrender is enough. Grace needs only the narrowest of openings. To paraphrase Leonard Cohen, it is the cracks in the edifice that allow the light to enter. We don’t need to be perfect or to perfectly break.

Prophecy: Huaca

This position is effectively the crowning card of the spread. In biblical Greek, the term logizomai means to reckon or count. It came from accounting, yet its root is logos, meaning “word.” In effect, to reckon someone beyond their egoistic defenses (resentful, withholding, for example) is to word that state of consciousness into being (merciful, discerning).

This is the essence of Prophecy: “calling into existence the things that do not exist” (Romans 4:17). It is the higher order of prediction through the power of naming. So Prophecy here refers to what we are commanding into existence through correct naming (effectively, orienting towards our truest self and expression).

In the Andean medicine tradition, Huaca is, among other things, a ritual designed to call in spirit to reorient our life when we have reached a point of critical resolution. If a relationship is on the rocks, for example, a Huaca is invoked to either help resolve the conflict between two people, or end the relationship in its current form.

Huaca means church or sacred space, so we are making our lives the sacred space and anything that doesn’t honour the temple must be surrendered. Huaca has a strong energy of finality and the ritual is often performed as a last resort. Be humble before the Huaca is an appropriate refrain.

Here, all those aspects mean there is no turning back. If Tara is present as we navigate the transition between the old world and the new, then what we are reckoning into being is our state of consciousness on the other side. In a sense, there is a correlation with the end times of the apokálypsis which, in ancient Greek, meant disclosure, unveiling, or revelation.

It is here where the occult, or the hidden, is made known; secrets are unveiled. Our lives, in their totality, make sense. We discover there were no accidents, that every experience has been part of a grand design. We discover our origins.

The state of consciousness we are prophesying is beyond time; beyond all the old constructs; beyond the rules of cause and effect. In the old paradigm, we had the solution paired with the problem, the conflict with the resolution; effort with the reward. But this is the ground of forgiveness, where there was never anything to forgive: a clean slate.

In the new world, the solution appears before the “problem,” waiting for its expression. How will we be, who will we be on the other side? This prophecy makes no guarantees of form. Instead, it is the calling forth of Grace as the ground of our being. If we merge with the Dreamtime, and make no separation between the subject and object — that it’s all One Taste — then the form doesn’t matter. It is all delightful.

Master card: Paradox

Paradox is about holding two contradictory ideas to be both true without forcing them into unnatural reconciliation. Forgiveness premised on the idea that there is nothing to forgive. In a similar vein to a Zen koan, the purpose of paradox is to break the shackles of linear thinking. Consider the classic “emptiness is form; form is emptiness” from the Heart Sutra. How might we apply this to our prophesying?

A blank canvas is empty, but full of potential art-forms. The completed painting has form, but is empty of inherent meaning: everyone who views the art has a different perspective on what it represents; it evokes a different sense memory in each viewer.

The Dreamtime is the play space between form and emptiness. The energy moves fast between the form of our intention and the emptiness of the canvas; the divine ground of being. Here, prophecy becomes the mode of our expression rather than our aspiration for a new world.

With less density, we create through prophesying states, rather than specific, concrete outcomes. Empty of limiting desire, we are free to discover myriad forms without investing in them inherent meaning. This is the clean slate of forgiveness. It implies, ultimately, that awakening is just the beginning.

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Justin Craig

Justin Craig is a writer who uses card readings and sacred space to help people navigate the spiritual awakening process. As an inveterate traveler of inner and outer worlds, Justin has a mad passion for where spirit and psychology intersect. This has repeatedly led him back to the jungle and mountains of Peru, where all his old assumptions get combusted on a bonfire of vanities. He is especially inspired by the divination and healing methods of Andean mystics, whose prophecy foretold the present "taripay pacha" – 'the age of meeting ourselves again'.

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