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Feathers Are Not Meant To Be Held Down — An Excerpt From “Collecting Feathers”


An excerpt from “Collecting Feathers”

I was searching for something.

I was searching and in the midst of doing so, they began to present themselves to me…one by one. I had come to the realization that my Dharma and my purpose was so much bigger than my physical self and location. Fear had held me back for quite some time, but it is only so long a bird can be held in a cage.

In this realization that flight was required in order to share the message that my teachers had given to me and all of their teachers had given to them, I was able to see and decided to trust in something so much bigger than myself.

Upon my searching, they continued to present themselves to me as they still do. Sometimes in the form of a bouquet after a long walk through the woods. My path was being laid before me and I followed.

Paying very close attention to where they appeared, who I was with, and the intention behind why I was there, it began to make sense. I return to the places where they find me the most with a continued reminder of the importance of non-attachment. Feathers are not meant to be held down. I know I will return when the time is right.

My searching continues but I no longer feel lost. They are there to remind me that I am not alone. They are there to remind me of this path and this Dharma. They are there to remind me of the importance of my flight and each and every place they guide me to land.

They are there to remind me of these wings that existed all along.

I was searching for something, but now they find me. As I collect these feathers…as I spread these wings…I am home.

Rebecca is the author of “Collecting Feathers,” which will be available worldwide on February 11, 2019, and can be ordered directly from her website

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Rebecca Eschenroeder

Most teachers know the asana and the message behind yoga. Becky Eschenroeder lives it. When you practice with Becky, you get more than a teacher on the mat; you gain guidance for your daily life. Becky’s credentials, ERYT200/ERYT500/RCYT, Certified Coach and Mentor, highlight her teaching capabilities. Beloved by her hometown in Richmond, VA, Becky has transformed countless lives through her teaching. Expanding beyond the river-city streets, she is on the road to share her gift with you and your community. Take advantage of this unique chance to practice with Becky Eschenroeder and observe how her presence to continues to impact your life even when her mat is gone.

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