An Invitation For The Patriarchy To Evolve, As Our Women Call Up Their Power


Those in charge of our governing systems have made full use of the Adam and Eve mythology, originally created during the Bronze Age. They’ve molded that ancient tale into a blueprint for ensuring the patriarchal worldview would remain in place.

The story teaches that men are the Father-God’s chosen leaders and shall be the chiefs of tribes, the heads of households, and the ruling elite of society.
As the story goes, Adam was born directly from his Father, and Eve came later, an afterthought. She was offered up as icing on the primordial cake to the first man, a gift to help stave off his loneliness.

According to this Judeo-Christian creation story, a woman’s participation wasn’t required for the birth of Adam. The story tells how God basically spit Adam into the world like some fetal loogie. It was a purely masculine birth process with no women required. It was also the perfect narrative set up for the establishment of a patriarchal worldview. This is what we live in today. How’s it working out for us, do you think?

Our society exalts men as the original intention and design — and women as merely following along, playing second fiddle, initially born from a man’s rib. And the story would have us believe that women are ultimately to blame for everyone’s downfall. That damn woman just couldn’t listen and had to have a bite of that apple at the devil’s behest. A woman caused the original sin and women everywhere will forever pay the price, being ruled over by men and punished with the labor pains of childbirth. This is what the story says. I’m not kidding.

For obvious reasons, it has been in men’s best interest to keep the Genesis story going. Deep down, the enigma that is woman frightens men.

Not knowing the mysteries of the clitoris doesn’t begin to cover men’s confusion and fear of the deeper mysteries hidden within the succulent darkness of the feminine energetic. The patriarchs had to find a way to control that darkness.

Men have ensured the religious stories, and the systems that used them to maintain patriarchal power, were revered as the truth of things. Men did this through violence and the threat of violence for anyone straying from the imposed doctrine. That’s how men have remained in charge. Men were afraid of women’s subtle, witchy refinement, so men made women afraid back with the threat of blatant and violent brute force if they didn’t toe the line.

Men (in general terms), can better most women in a fist fight. And many men use that unrefined brutality to keep their seat on the throne, or at least, the head of the dining room table. Men are programmed to accumulate power and many are willing to go to great lengths to gain and maintain it.

The patriarchs believe they deserve all the power because they’re the ones who can cavalierly maim and kill, pee standing up, and leave behind a house full of babies they fathered because their titties don’t produce doodly-squat, so they don’t have to stick around. And if a woman doesn’t like it, the patriarchs will condemn her for witchery and maim and kill her.

The Genesis creation story, and all the other stories from that most celebrated tome of the old patriarchs, have been used to keep one half of the human population right where the other half wants them, at beck and call. These stories, in no small way, have created the road of history.

And lately, this road feels like it’s about to run out of pavement.

Life on our beautiful blue pearl has taken on a decidedly dystopian turn in recent decades. It’s just too easy to get lost in all the dramatic chaos due to the life and death games played by the angry patriarchs today.

But if you pay attention to the narrative going on just below the surface destruction, you will understand the encroaching chaos as the last gasps of the patriarchal worldview. The hope is that another worldview will fill the void — one that affirms life instead of just mindlessly consuming it.

I believe the world needs to enter the gateway of herstory and needs to abide there for the next few generations at least — a pendulum swing back into the mysterious, life-affirming and nurturing power of a more matriarchal worldview.

There has been an incredibly fast transformation in the last hundred years and technology has leveled the playing field somewhat for men and women. Brute force is no longer enough to keep the spirit of the matriarchy down. And it is rising, breaking out of the current worldview, claiming its power. And we best let Her in, because our grandbabies don’t have much more time for the patriarch’s inaction towards healing our world.

The patriarchal structures have weakened since women began achieving greater autonomy with the advent of feminism, birth control, and role models such as Thelma and Louise, Princess Leia, Rosa Parks, Hillary Clinton, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. The pendulum is swinging!

Women are no longer asking men to give them equality, they are taking it as something rightfully theirs. Women are calling up their own power, which is that same life-giving power that turns acorns into oak trees, spins the planets in their orbits, and give birth to stars. It’s a power that men should revere, not fear. We’re all created from that same power.

This is the course our human evolution seems to be taking as our species expands in consciousness. We are growing into the deeper wisdom of Sophia of the Gnostics, the soul of the Divine Feminine and bearer of direct spiritual revelation. I hope the numbers of women claiming and owning their power and wielding it in service to reawakening that ancient wisdom keeps growing.

The message of the ancient wisdom keepers who carry the energy of Sophia is simple: like the oak trees, the spinning planets, and newborn stars, we’re all nature too, and it’s about time we acted like it.

Photo by Thammie Cascales on Unsplash

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