Ancestral Alchemy: Dance Until The Heartbreaks Of Our Ancestors Are Transformed


And one by one we danced and as we danced we changed our stories, and our sisters’ stories, our mothers’ stories, and our grandmothers’ stories, and the tale as old as time took on new threads and stitches — the song taking on a different tune as we whirled and twirled, weaving new directions and devotions with every step.

What were once agonizing howls, transformed into guttural screams of joy; our ancestors’ overgrown, abandoned garden of sorrows becoming the rich soil our hearts are firmly rooted in, and from where our voices grow — strong, clear and renewed.

No longer silenced, but loud and uninhibited. No longer choking on unspoken, stifled suffering. Now a vibrant channel of unrestricted freedom unhindered by fear to be seen and heard.

Peeking at the past between notes, but not anchoring there, the flow of the dance moving us toward changing tides and unknown horizons. Tender glances at old familiar wounds, now glimpsed with new light as each rotation of the dance opens our hearts to newness, to joy, to possibility.

The forgotten, long-buried, and scarred-over traumas of our sisters, mothers, grandmothers becoming healed and metamorphosed through the alchemy of the dance, of our courage, our voices, of our sweet surrender.

Those lost pieces brought home and are seen, loved, and cared for — we are whole — rooted in our own power. The rusted, heavy chains of the past become glimmering, proudly displayed jewelry of the present. The heartbreaks of our ancestors integrated and transformed; old knowledge shines with new light.
The threads of the tapestry woven anew.

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Photo by David Calderón on Unsplash

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