Enough Of The Sliding — It’s Time For The Shining


Why do we let things slide? Is it because we believe we are acting in love? Or could it be because we fear the consequences of standing up and speaking out? Is it easier to play the saint? Well yes, if we truly were the saint, it would be.

Except although we are, we aren’t at the same moment. We are angels experiencing an earthly realm. Much of the time spent figuring out the deeper meaning of reflected experience. Waiting for a sign. Even looking. Even though signs are more miraculous without being sought. Awareness of what is is key in every extraordinary moment.

The question again awaits to be answered. Or processed to gain insights. The solution beckons us with a prompt. Allowing things to slide is complex, to a point. It is easier even though it grates on our consciousness thereafter.

The questions arise. Did we act in all honesty? Did we honor the relationship and scenario playing out? Did we choose a perception of higher consciousness so that the good of all journeys would be served? Why again did we give our power away?

The great teacher of hindsight over time reveals the pattern. Each time we demonstrated a saintly act, that in any way lacked the deepest level of authenticity, we have called forth a new experience. One that may likely challenge us more.

And if enough so-called saintly acts build up, a mountain of resentment may rise with it. Yet the angels whisper, be gentle for your intentions were of good will. Whispering again. Look deeper. Deeper still.

You were scared. Maybe even insecure. Possibly not feeling strong enough for a potential dispute. Or maybe you just wanted Peace. Yet to have Peace sometimes feeling the fear and acting in a different way is the way.

As you go deeper again you realize the layers you have peeled away. Days into weeks. Months transitioning to years. All is becoming clearer. Reflecting reveals a pattern of the gift that has risen. It was always there, but now is the time.

You see and feel the difference between the two people. One was shy, sensitive, and avoided conflict at all costs. The other stands strong, with a healthy dose of feeling wary.

You ponder that. Wary? Yet the soul beckons us to look closer. The wariness is not what it seems. It is discernment.

Sometimes getting used to our new way of being needs time to unfold and integrate fully. As this stronger, authentic version looks forward, still not entirely sure of their future, they recognize presence as being their new loving master. For the journey has gifted them the gratitude of who they have become.

Yes, they are both you. And neither one has ever done anything wrong. To believe this now or in a future moment is to set yourself free.

As we move into 2019, would it be wise to not let things slide as you once had? To discerningly choose your battles. To ensure you are honoring yourself as the year unfolds.

Remember the people who are meant to be in your life will stay. And others will go, having fulfilled the lessons shared.

Enough of the sliding. It’s time for the shining.

Photo by Erwann Letue on Unsplash

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Al Duncan


Al Duncan has manifested a romance with the Universe. He struggled with self-belief in his early life but was blessed to cross paths with a wise soul when he was thirteen and unknowingly embarked on a twenty-year spiritual apprenticeship. When life threw him a curve ball, he embarked on an incredible adventure gifting him abundance of Universal wealth, setting his self-beloved ablaze with passion. Prior to this, his meandering rollercoaster journey went from 1% motorcycle gangs, Greenpeace New Zealand, youth mentoring, and becoming a natural intuitive life coach. The guise of the prolific intrepid traveler gave him the courage of pursuing a dream of sharing his magic as a writer for the Universe. He speaks from the heart of experience with a depth that is soulful. He has recently released his first book, Becoming One with the Universe. It is still new to the world, however the souls it has connected have commented; "the content is full of love"; "a paradigm shifter"; "answers on every page"; "This book has offered the best cognitive enlightenment I've received from the universe yet". Connect with him on Facebook or Instagram.

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