The Universe Is Calling, Are You Home?


I feel the wise and wild woman ways beckoning to me from deep in my bones, calling me home, calling me within. An ancient and divine knowing that pulls me closer and will no longer allow my complacency in matters of life and love.

I feel it in my blood and in my bones, the time to take on my true form is now. The time to shed my old skin and rise up in my power is now. I was born for these days, this moment in time, this cosmic energy at play. Yes, I know it deep within, as I feel all the energy of the universe stirring within me, summoning me to rise in my truth and authenticity.

The pain, the struggle, the darkness, the light, the love, the healing, it will all merge into my future self. As I work on integrating the jagged pieces I believed were separate all these years, into a crystalized whole, I’m realizing the pain and love have always been on the same spectrum, just at different ends.

There has always only been one path to now, only one path to my destiny. It is with this intuitive wisdom that I put together my powerful masterpiece. No longer willing to hide in the shadows, afraid to speak up or step out, I will not be silenced any longer. I will not silence myself.

I have to believe in myself, but it goes much further than that, I have to act. I have to take guided action from a place of complete faith and surrender to my highest path. I have a cosmic responsibility to uphold and a divine assignment to fulfill.

I know without a doubt as I feel the energy of the planet rising, the consciousness expanding, that we were all born for these days. We have inside us everything that we need to bring healing and wholeness to this planet. However, we cannot let ourselves be held back any longer by the chains that bind us. Limiting beliefs, lack of self-worth, old, harmful mindsets, addictions, fear, or any other distraction just keeps us from doing real work in the world with full presence and compassion.

Just think if we could all rise above those things, and help others to as well, what a magical thing that would be. For those of us who know deep within that we are here for so much more, may we rise together in unity. Healing what we need to heal within ourselves, stepping into our fullest power and highest potential.

Walking the path of the greater good. This is why we are here; to play a part in the ascension of humanity, the rising consciousness of our planet. Yes, it is true, we literally can save the world, but first we must save and heal ourselves.

May we all rise up in love and do the work that we are each called to do in order to bring forth the future that we envision.

Photo by AZGAN MjESHTRI on Unsplash

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Michelle Martineau

Michelle Martineau has a soul deep desire to share her earthly and spiritual wisdom with others. She is a cosmic shadow dancer and spiritual alchemist. Having journeyed through the underworld and back, she is now merging worlds to let light and higher energies illuminate the path. This integration of shadow and light is her forte. She hopes her words will inspire you, on your own path of spiritual alchemy.

  1. This is beautiful Michelle,
    Thank-you for your words.
    With appreciation, Tanya

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