A Book Of Truth: “Grounded Spirituality” Foreward By Andrew Harvey


This is a book we have all been unconsciously waiting for.

It is a book written by a man who has truly understood the dereliction of our time. The collapse of any real moral or spiritual reverence, and the bankruptcy of the religious and guru systems.

It is a book written by a man who has not only understood this, but stayed profoundly faithful to the vision that was being birthed in him, of a path to the Divine through the body. This may seem small, or in some ways, fascinating but not profound…but the reality of our situation is, as all the great evolutionary mystics have shown us, that we are going through a massive and necessary global “dark night” in order to fulfill the evolutionary will of the Divine: to co-create the birth of a new embodied divine humanity.

It is this birth — this extraordinary miraculous amazing birth — that is our greatest hope. And if you want to understand how this birth works, read this book.

In this book, you will find someone who truly understands that the divinization of the body is the key to the birth of a human race that can respond from the fullness of itself to the problems now erupting everywhere. What Jeff Brown understands is that this birth of the Divine in the body is the hardest path of all.

Because in order to take this path, we have to unlearn all of the religious and mystical messages we have been given about the illusory nature of the body, the sinfulness of the body, the ignorance and illusion steeped in the body. Unlearning these messages is an excruciating business because it forces us to look at the ways in which we have treated our bodies.

To re-enter the body, as Jeff Brown brilliantly shows both in his own writing about his own journey, and in the amazingly passionate, rustic, and nakedly honest conversations that he has with the character in the book, Michael — requires extraordinary courage.

This is true for three reasons. The first reason I have already suggested: It is deeply challenging to unlearn all the messages that we have been given about our body. In my own case, this was a frightening reality and adventure because it compelled me to understand the ways in which mystical reality had been manipulated for power for millennia. This was a very sobering and devastating recognition.

The second reason is that to re-enter the body, you have to confront all of the trauma, karmic terror, grief, and deep suffering that your body has stored over your lifetime. This is part of the reason why so many people are refugees from the body, and why so many people embrace transcendental philosophies that deny the body.

The work of actually going down into the body to listen to the screams that have been suppressed by our wounds and that are hidden within the body is a devastating process…necessary but painful and very, very demanding.

The third reason why going down into the body is so demanding is that the body itself resists transformation by the light. Sri Aurobindo has written brilliantly of the four sheaths by which the body protects itself. They are very real, and not easily dissuaded from their protective mission.

Through this book, you will find ways of being so inspired by what living in the body can open up for you, that you will become not only willing to do the work, but thrilled to do the work. Because Jeff Brown’s genius is to open up to us such an exciting and invigorating vista of what we can experience if only we arrive here — in full integration of mind, heart, soul, and body, that anyone reading these words with an open heart will long to do whatever is necessary to come into authentic human fullness.

This is because he speaks from true lived experience. He has seen and known the joy of what it is to live in a full beingness. And he communicates this, as well as the difficulties, the suffering, the bewilderment, with such reverence that we cannot help but do whatever we must to reclaim our wholeness.

The work of embodiment is not just one more game the human race has to play. Not merely one more version of enlightenment. It is the only way we can possibly go forward. Because until we are united with our bodies, we will never love the body of the earth enough.

Until we are living in the pulse and vibrancy of our bodies, we will never love other bodies — the bodies of our friends, and the bodies of our lovers, and the bodies of our parents, and the bodies of our grandparents, and the bodies of our beloved animals. We will never love them enough, because we will never savor the beauty of their presence with enough adoration to do everything we can to save them and the world we live in.

For me, Jeff Brown is a modern-day alchemist. And by that, I mean he has embraced the ancient alchemical path. The ancient alchemical path has three stages. First, profound experience of transcendence that reveals divine identity. This makes obvious the truth of what’s written in the Upanishads—You Are That.

The patriarchal traditions have mistakenly taken this stage for enlightenment. But the alchemists knew that this was only the first stage. The second stage is the stage that Jeff is such a master of: this is where the deep knowledge of the transcendent and the forces aroused by that knowledge, are consciously integrated step by step with mind, heart, soul, and crucially, and most importantly, the depths of the body.

As this second stage progresses, the third stage which is called “the simple thing,” starts to emerge…and for this third stage there are very few descriptions, because very few people have truly matured in the mystery of profound union with all that this stage brings. Jeff Brown knows the glowing fringes of this stage and has experienced the truth of the revolutionary birth that happens through the choice to ground transcendence in the depths of reality. And that’s why this book is so important.

Because in its rugged, ragged, and absolutely contemporary way, it models the ancient path to transfiguration that was known by the ancient alchemists, and by a small number of grounded mystics that have blessed us with their wisdom. This path for transfiguration now needs to be known everywhere, because everyone needs to align themselves with the evolutionary will of the Divine — not to destroy us, but to transfigure us so that we can become conscious embodied co-creators of a wholly new way of being and doing everything.

What I find wonderful about Jeff Brown’s book, is not only that it offers us a searing indictment of patriarchy on all levels, and not only that it is the most comprehensive dismantling of the superficiality, and bypassing, and voluptuous indulgence, and inanity of the new age…but the real reason I love this book is that it provides a very down-home truthful basis of empowerment for potentially millions of people.

If honest seekers can now use their deep mystical experience as a source of power to help them reintegrate their whole selves with the one, then millions of honest seekers can come together in a loving army of beings prepared to risk everything to start healing our world.

As a sacred activist and the founder of the movement of sacred activism, I celebrate and salute this book because it will give anyone who wants to truly meet the challenges of our time with honesty, ferocity, and grace — the information, the practices, the vision, and the grounded rugged persistence that they are going to need to step up to the greatest evolutionary challenge humanity has ever faced.

Read Jeff Brown’s book, do the practices, saturate yourself in the wisdom that radiates from its pages, and go forward as an increasingly embodied divine human being who is willing to become a sacred activist on behalf of the Divine and the divine-in-humanity, to save our species and our beloved planet.

What one does for diplomacy is not what one does for truth. And Jeff Brown has written a book of truth — one that honors our humanity and offers us a co-creational path home. Join him.

~ Andrew Harvey
November 12, 2018
Chicago, lllinois

Photo by Jana Sabeth Schultz on Unsplash

Gounded Spirituality


Jeff is the author of Soulshaping: A Journey of Self-Creation, Ascending with Both Feet on the Ground: Words to Awaken your Heart, An Uncommon Bond, and his newest book, Grounded Spirituality.




Jeff Brown is a breakthrough voice in the self-help/spirituality field, and the author of six popular books: Soulshaping: A Journey of Self-Creation, Ascending with Both Feet on the Ground, Love It Forward, An Uncommon Bond, Spiritual Graffiti, Grounded Spirituality. In his previous life, Jeff was a criminal lawyer and psychotherapist. Since pursuing his path as a writer, he has launched many initiatives, including founding Enrealment Press, and an online school, Soulshaping Institute. He is the producer and key journeyer of the award-winning spiritual documentary, Karmageddon, which also stars Ram Dass, Seane Corn, Deva Premal and Miten. He has written a series of inspirations for ABC's Good Morning America and appeared on over 200 radio shows. He also authored the viral blog 'Apologies to the Divine Feminine (from a warrior in transition).' A popular presence in social media, Jeff's new terms and well-loved quotes became a phenomenon some years ago, and continue to be shared actively by seekers and growers worldwide. In April, 2018, he was invited to Ottawa by Sophie Grégoire Trudeau—gender equality activist and the wife of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau—to film a conversation with her about emotional healing and inclusivity. Excerpts from that dialogue are viewable on Sophie's Facebook and Instagram pages. Jeff currently lives in Canada with his wife, poet Susan Frybort. At present, he is getting caught up on lost sleep after writing Grounded Spirituality, and preparing for the next stages of his creative journey and path of sacred activism. You can connect with his work at,, and

  1. beautiful forward….what a line…” The work of embodiment is not just one more game the human race has to play. Not merely one more version of enlightenment. It is the only way we can possibly go forward. Because until we are united with our bodies, we will never love the body of the earth enough.” this is with me for a while….

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