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Arise The Sacred Warrior: Libra Full Moon & Equinox


“Slay therefore with the sword of wisdom the doubt born of ignorance that lies in thy heart. Be one in truth, in yoga and arise great warrior, arise.” ~ Krishna to Arjuna in “The Bhagavad Gita”

The great Wheel of the Year is turning again, finding us now at the Vernal Equinox and in the time of the ancient Germanic goddess of spring, Ostara. This maiden goddess represents fertility, rebirth, and new beginnings.

Ostara is honored when light and dark come into balance and the ice of winter begins to thaw. New birth surrounds and unfolds within us. This year, the Full Moon in 0° of Libra aligns with Equinox and the celebration of Ostara.

This Full Moon is dynamic and arrives with an innate, underlying tension, though a quincunx to Uranus in Taurus. Our Libran desire for harmony, balance, and justice will experience some simmering pressure.

Ruled by Venus and symbolized by the scales, Libra seeks the truth in any situation. A Libran Moon asks us to feel where that truth resides, to sense it from within through empathy and consideration for the needs of others. The urge for peace will be heightened at the Full Moon.

Nonetheless, a Full Moon by nature is always in opposition to the Sun, a tense angle in and of itself; and in this case, the Sun resides in Aries, the sign of impulse, primal urges, and fierce leadership. Aries, the God of War and the Ram, stands ready to act.

This tension is further developed astrologically through a square aspect between earthy and sensual Mars in Taurus, and airy and detached Venus in Aquarius. We stand at an intersection between body and mind, the desire to separate and the imperative to merge, individuation and co-creation.

Will the warrior and the peacekeeper resolve their differences and unite toward a common good? Or will the old paradigm of power-over, intimidation, and manipulation continue?

The answer lies, I suppose, in how well you can tolerate a paradox.

Peace does not come through compliance, submission, or the avoidance of problems. It’s easy to imagine that when there is not active fighting that peace has been achieved. Indeed, there is a fine but fatal line between knowing when to press a situation and knowing when to refrain.

The ego likes to imagine that peace is the absence of conflict. This is a rather dubious and narcissistic way of defining peace, as it requires the creation of an insular and bubblified world (yes, I made that word up) within which our picture perfect image-projection can remain untouched.

The shadow of Libra looks rather like endless glossy images of a sparkling exterior, complete with minty fresh breath, rosy cheeks, and fluffy kittens. To be fair (and Libra must have it fair), these images are inspiring, comforting, and pleasant — yet they tend to lack the depth of the real.

Peace is not a state of tension-free illusory “oneness.” Rather, peace exists when the scales of justice are balanced and the tension between needs, desires, and values is perpetually explored, met, danced, and breathed.

Peace is a living balance — not a destination on a map.

To live in peace requires great integrity and perseverance. It requires that we constantly weigh the Aries flame of individuality against the collective and infinite web of creation. Indeed, it is this web that supports our individuality, and to forsake it would be a crucial error. We must strive to protect the web, just as we strive to protect ourselves.

This is the function of the Sacred Warrior.

When the Warrior fights only to protect his own ego — his family, his values, his wealth — there can be no peace. He must be willing to drop his own egoic limitations in service to the whole, while including within the whole those who would do him wrong.

Allowing the ego to die in service to the divine is the path of spiritual mastery. The Sacred Warrior must learn to be such a master, in constant communion with his highest self, directing his will into channels of great love and nothing less. Thus, the Sacred Warrior must learn to be vulnerable.

This requires unwavering courage.

Growth doesn’t always require exposing one’s inner demons or slaying some great dragon. Nor does it always involve a leap off some cliff edge into a raging river below, or the peeling back of some deep previously bandaged-up wound.

Although growth certainly requires moving beyond previously defined limitations, sometimes it is as simple as quietly admitting you were wrong.

This, in and of itself, can be incredibly risky.

The Sacred Warrior must raise his sword, as Krishna bade Arjuna in the great Mahabharata war, in service to Truth, even when that truth requires one’s utmost humility and sacrifice.

So it is, at Equinox, that we balance the light and dark within ourselves. Peace comes when we honor our wholeness, and realize that the separation between self and other is nonexistent. Yet, it is when we embody our individuality fully that we strengthen the web.

When we give away our power, we diminish it. It is in the recognition that the Warrior exists to protect the balance of life that Aries and Libra become one. The Warrior and the Pacifist join together and the paradox is resolved.

Go forth in great love, dear readers. Stand strong in your quest for freedom and truth. You are mighty!

Photo by Drew Tilk on Unsplash

Liz is currently accepting new clients for astrology readings and ongoing soul-centered life coaching. Her work combines movement, with meditation and depth psychology to facilitate powerful shifts in consciousness that resolve wounds at the root. To learn more about her work, please find her on Facebook and visit her website.

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Elizabeth Jezorski

Elizabeth Jezorski is a Soul Embodiment Coach, astrologer, yogini and, of course, writer living on the coast Maine with her beloved husband and three children. She owns and facilitates Wild Embodiment, an up-and-coming center for the expansion of consciousness, depth-healing and expression of the Wild Soul. In this space, Liz acts as Midwife for the Soul, helping her clients move beyond the victim story and reclaim sovereignty. Elizabeth is currently accepting new clients for astrology readings, individual healing sessions and ongoing spiritual coaching. Her work combines movement, with meditation and depth psychology to facilitate powerful shifts in consciousness that resolve wounds at the root. Elizabeth has a MA in Dance Movement Therapy and a BA in Transpersonal Psychology. She is a certified yoga teacher, and Reiki healer. As a student of consciousness, Elizabeth has studied astrology, meditation, embodiment and archetypal psychology. To learn more about her work, please find her on Facebook and visit her website.

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