By Shawna Fortin MIND RISE

Stay Open Like The Blossoming Flower If You Wish To Connect With Another


Everything in the Universe that wishes to connect with another must be willing to open up and reach out. Consider the flower that cannot pollinate nor proliferate unless it expands outwards. The blossom itself must be amenable to both the sunshine and that which will pollinate it for its life to continue forth.

Everywhere in nature, we may find clues as to how to best live our lives. We are one with all that is around us and yet, we so often fail to recognise our intrinsic connection to life itself. Like the flower, we must be willing to open to survive. We must part our lips to consume nourishment. Our blood vessels must remain clear in order for the free flow of life-sustaining plasma to filter through our bodies.

Let’s take this further and imagine a life without the ability to open our arms to enfold another in an embrace. Imagine if you could not open your eyes to see that which is before you. How would you live if you could not open the door to your home and enter the world outside of your own, insulated life?

Now, consider the colossal loneliness inflicted upon the host of a closed mind. Fear has many able bodyguards including anger, anxiety, retaliation, isolation, conceit, bigotry, etc. These are all the soldiers in the army of the unwilling to extend.

When we are angry, we shut down. When we are afraid, we retract. When we are sad, we are likely to withdraw. All of these actions remove us from love, that one singular emotion that when utilised, has the power to heal anything.

I speak always from my own experience. I was once the corrupt mistress holding the key to the superfluously guarded door to my own mind. I pushed people away for fear of them finding out who I ‘really’ was. I was so terrified of being exposed that I would not allow the meekest consideration of love to enter.

For you see, we must also understand that the heart is always, always willing to love. Fear resides in our mental recesses, not the pulsing rhythm of the cosmos that continually hums us alive at each given moment.

If you wish to change, if you long to expand, you must begin with the considerations you acknowledge from moment to moment. What thoughts do you harbour about yourself? Be ever mindful of these, for they are the paving stones the road your life will journey upon.

Determine to focus upon the wonders of life and love. Understand that the world is teaming with tenderness, affection, friendship, and adoration — love. It is true too, that it is all a reflection of what we perceive with our inner vision.

When you realise with your soul all the love and goodness that you are, this will be mirrored back to you in every area of your life.

Photo by Makhmutova Dina on Unsplash

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Shawna Fortin

I am a freelance writer, self-love coach and graphic designer living on the Eastern Coast of Australia. I am keenly interested in the energetics of life and the dynamics that play out in our world as a result of our thinking. How we feel about ourselves determines the situations that we bring into our lives. Everything transforms when we open our hearts. I learned this the hard way over many years of struggle. If we can trust that we have value, everything improves exponentially - for ourselves and for all those around us. It is my dearest wish to help anyone interested to learn that this can be true for them as well. We really can create heaven on earth when we begin with appreciating ourselves.

  1. Lovely. Happy to have shared this with someone awaiting their time to blossom

  2. Hello Brianna, thank you so much for your note. Happy blossoming to your someone. xxx

  3. I saw this first thing this morning. I’ve been dealing with the struggles l feel from the abuse of a Malignant Narcissistic Sociopath husband. You gave me much hope, Thank You.

    • Darling Kristin,
      I am so glad that hope dwells within you. This is the spark of light from our spirit that assures us that when we honour our own heart, we are kept safe.
      Sometimes, we need to walk away from certain people or situations. You will know what to do as you rest in the quiet, attending to the still small voice within.
      Always remember how wonderful you are.
      SO much love to you xxx Shawna

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