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Lost Children: No One Talks About Toxic Family


No one talks about toxic family and the void and our sense of self it creates.

No one talks about the silent pain of having to pick up the pieces after a family member dies, drinks too much, overdoses, or makes poor life decisions.

No one talks about the whole of pain, the downward spirals, and the huge mess that good people suffer through in silent embarrassment.

Absentee parents, toxic grandparents, and dysfunctional family dynamics has left an entire generation searching for “family.”

Filling that void with gangs, fake friends, materialism, drugs, alcohol, or some other way to fill the void of family.

Family is how we’re supposed to survive and thrive. But no one talks about the pain that is created when family fails to help you thrive or provide any solid foundation.

They have created an entire generation of “lost children.” Children seeking family units where darkness thrives and feeds on this need. And need for love is siphoned and manipulated.

Where you are training your soul to protect its family that feeds on your soul and your life force. Where you are trauma bonded into survival mode.

We need family to survive, but what we need more is our family to be whole, working together, and to make a personal decision to make good choices as well as stay intact in our lives. Despite the immense pain and reasons why they feel unworthy, don’t want to exist, or even lack any kind of family or friend support.

A house built on the shifting sands of previous generations ruins has brought me to my knees.

What do you do with a haunted house full of skeletons and ghosts ruining your life?

It’s a house sinking with the sands of time while you are slowly losing your mind.

I’m a fan of pouring gasoline and watching the remnants of the house burned to the ground.

I will build a foundation in a better location.

I will choose to stay, make good choices despite the aches in my heart and from the ashes of the house that burned.

I will grow a garden.

I will have peace.

I will make a family built on love and a deep reverence for life.

I will rebuild and make my life great again.

Photo by Fancycrave on Unsplash

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Moon Wisdom "The stronger and more unified the force of human presence is the more universal power can get behind it. Miracles happen when we believe in people. You must hold sacred ground in times like these. The old arguments of rationalising it away, won’t work. You must remain realistic and ever more attentive. While you fight together for these causes — clean water and basic human rights (among others) — you must you must you must continue to defend the sacred from within you. The principles of the 13 grandmothers will help guide you: Gratitude, Integrity, Wisdom, Balance, Family, Peace, Compassion, Diversity, Unity, Tenderness, Wonder, Justice, Co-Operation, Expression, Vision, beauty, Creativity." —Andrea Maxine Frade #moonsandstars #newmoonnovember #howlforyourlife Read more: 
@kayharr73 @ladypantzz @dharmaunicorn @thugunicorn


Ashley Cappelletty

I am a Shadow Walker who survived traveling through her own underworld. I am an Oracle that swims through oceanic realms to gather wisdom from the mermaids. I am an artist who creates the hidden subterranean imagery in my nocturnal cave of creation - the space where myth and symbol merge. I don't believe in reckless self destruction. I am effervescent with child like wonder. The Shadow is where our base metals become gold. My soul is lined with gold just like the Japanese pots that were once broken. Let me show you how to become a Stellar Alchemist.

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