I Choose Wonder — My Life Depends On It


One Life
That’s all I have
Forgive me
If you sense an urgency
In my will to live
For with each day
I have a day less
Leaning in
To the greatest gift I have
My power of discernment
Over how I live this Life
I become aware
I could choose to fight
Already broken systems
And add more fuel
To the fire
I could choose to work
On wounds
And succumb
To my not good enough
I could choose to live
From fear
And give in to limitation
Or, I could choose
To sing my own song
Greeting each moment
As new
Bereft of old stories
And pains
Slowing down time
And infusing it with wonder
A childlike awe
And a heightened curiosity
Unafraid to ask
The questions
That open new portals
Of perception
Infinite pathways
That lead me
To the moreness
Of what is possible
For me, for you
And beyond
I choose wonder
Over fear
And worry
And all else
That causes me
To contract
Making me small
And limiting
My power
As it is from here
I am certain
I can be
And we can
The world
We adore to live in.

Photo by Mesut Kaya on Unsplash

Heart howl: What if life was like a treasure hunt and wonder was the treasure. Where would you look? And would you be faithful to what you find out?

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"There are moments in life, when everything you’ve told yourself and everything you believe in fall out form underneath you. And you sit,
On a groundless floor,
more tender inside
than you ever thought possible,
asking the one question
you know
we can never fully answer, Why? No matter what anyone tells you, don’t press yourself into a perfect package of false compliance. You are allowed to throw stones at the sky. To write “fuck” in your journal 74 times and break into a million little pieces. You are allowed to ask for help and wonder, deeply, about the nature of suffering, even though you’ve read a thousand books on the topic and are supposed to be “the spiritual one.” The truth is beyond what we can see, and until the veil has truly lifted Sometimes the blindfold can feel cruel and suffocating. This is all ok. Everything you feel is ok. You have not lost your fath. You are no less of a person. And when nothing else soothes you, apply this balm, slowly, to your swollen, cracking heart, and know you are not alone." —Deborah Quibell of Deborah Anne Quibell #holyfire #risefromyourashes #loveaspain #loveasroar #howlforyourlife #poeticjustice #deborahannequibell Read more: @kayharr73 @ladypantzz o@dharmaunicorn @thugunicorn

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Ushmi Dosaja

Earth anchored, cosmic wanderer, Ushmi is a self~confessed wonder junkie, who uses it as the fuel with which she creates her Life from. She is passionate about creating a Life that stems from soul, and has come to understand that the potency of the wonder within guides us to know ourselves as far greater than we imagine ourselves to be, breaking through the constructs and labels of who we have been told we can be and catapulting us onto the throne of our inherent magnitude. As a coach, she works with creatives, visionaries, unrealistic ones, who know that the path less travelled is more than the poem, but a journey into ways of being spurred on by the unfurling of our inner god~ness and supports you on your journey of becoming, in ways that allow you to feel empowered in the bold expression of who you truly be.

  1. Hi Ushmi, I’m sooo excited to see your words here! Love how your wonder is going out into the world to birth wonder in our becomings.
    Lots of love,

  2. Thank you dear Tanya for lighting the way. Lots of Love, Ushmi

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