Rise Up Now & Go Boldly In The Direction That Calls To Your Soul


You, and only you, are the one who decides what you will give your energy to on a daily basis.

You are the one with the power to create or destroy.
You are the one who can choose to rise or fall.
Or settle, like the dust, into a life of mediocrity.

You can choose to put a hand up and reach for that apple tree, or you can let the society-shaped expectations of what you should or should not do, keep you stuck in the warm comfort of slowly sinking quicksand. A false sense of security.

It’s not so bad, you look around and see that you’re not alone.
There is safety in numbers. We’re all just going down eventually, so we might as well enjoy the ride. Thus, we quietly resign ourselves to a life of slow suffocation, and an acceptance of a reality far below our potential.

But not choosing is still a choice.

If you do choose to be an active participant in the creative flow of life, you have to reach up and pick those apples off the tree. No one will do it for you.

If you choose to be a bystander then you will watch as all the apples are picked off the tree by someone else. You will sit, sad and insulted, that no one brought any to you.

You must understand, if there is an apple you want off the tree, then you have to break through all fears, tear down all illusions, burn through every obstacle, and rise to every occasion in order to get it.

Getting the courage to get out of the quicksand is the first and hardest step.
It requires strength of character, pure determination, and fierce commitment to a new path.

Once you have climbed out of the societal matrix that wants you to stay content and comfortably numb, you must go boldly in the direction that calls to your soul.

Find your apple tree. Your inner wisdom will not lead you astray. Yet, you must be still and centered enough to hear the truth it whispers.

Shatter all doubts, they are all lies.
Shatter all fears, they are just illusions.

Old stories must be rewritten.
Masks must be dropped.

The hard, ancient rock, must be slowly chiseled away, to reveal the beautiful gemstone that’s been hidden underneath all along.

Let its magnificence be seen so that all may benefit, including you.

Rise up now and claim what is yours.
You won’t regret that you did.
You will only regret that you didn’t.

Photo by Allef Vinicius (ig: @seteales) on Unsplash

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