She Is All That: 10 Traits Of A Strong Woman


The question isn’t who is going to let me. It’s who is going to stop me.

A new breed of strong and independent women are rising. Standing on the shoulders of the female ancestors who came before them. Women who were born to be wild. Women who were born to be free.

Molded in the forge of a chaotic and troubled world, they possess a fierce mind, a warrior’s soul and a heart blazing hot with courage as they battle to hold their space and assert their right to determine their own lives.

Are you one of them? Here are 10 traits of a strong woman…

1. She Walks Her Own Path

A strong woman needs no one to tell her how to live. Her path is one of freedom. She is a trailblazer chasing her destiny and no one will get in her way.

2. She Owns Her Story

A strong woman understands that she is here to grow through adversity. That to live is make mistakes through trial and error, to bleed and burn, to heal and rise, to gain in wisdom. She owns her story and the battle scars she collects along the way. Her experiences are her treasure.

3.  She’s Got Her Own Back

A strong woman has got her own back. She learned the hard way that she was her own worst enemy until she finally got her own corner. She holds her worth, her confidence, and self-esteem in her own hands. She is not defined by others.

4. She Plays Fair

A strong woman isn’t a bitch. Far from it. She doesn’t step on other women to get ahead. She doesn’t stab people in the back and she has no time to be jealous because she is too busy building her own life. She is able to empathise with the people around her. She believes in fairness.

5.  She Is Intelligent & Intuitive

A strong woman has a sharp intelligence and intuition like a hound on the scent of fresh kill. She weaves these two gifts together, harnessing their power to direct and create her life as she wishes.

6. She Is Courageous & Perseveres

A strong woman has the heart of lioness with a roar to match. She is bold and courageous, tenacious and driven. She understands that her success depends upon her ability to persevere through the challenges that life throws at her.

7. She Cares For Herself

A strong woman takes her responsibility to care for her physical, mental, and emotional well-being seriously. She tends to her body, her emotional wounds, and mental state. She sets limits, she owns her space and knows how to say no to anything that offends her on a mind, body, or soul level.

8. She Owns Her Space

A strong woman is possessive of her personal physical and non-physical space. This is the space she has occupied since birth, which she rules like a Queen presiding over her kingdom. She is the lawmaker in her own life and she has the skills and tools to defend her space.

9. She Is Ambitious

A strong woman is an ambitious woman. She is driven to be all that she can be. She defines what success means to her. She sets life goals, planning each step while remaining flexible to deal with any surprises along the way.

10. She Has Found Her Roar

A strong woman can say no to others knowing that she is saying yes to herself. She doesn’t people please, she doesn’t agree for the sake of it, and she isn’t afraid to rock the status quo. She is assertive. She speaks her truth knowing that her roar is her greatest tool when asserting her right to live as she chooses.

Photo by Miguel Bruna on Unsplash

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"Can you find my storm-soaked soul My roar My wind As it follows you down a path where we have never been Can you find my sultry, crying, screaming heart Broken in a thousand pieces by me and you Only to be melted back together By one kiss, one touch The taste of your Waters" —Maura Coyne of @maura_coyne #wakingwild #roar #storm #findme #howlforyourlife Read more:

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