By Rebecca Eschenroeder MIND RISE

Emerge From Your Comfort Zone — It’s Time To Fly!


Why must we confine ourselves to a box? It amazes me how comfortable humans allow themselves to become with discomfort while remaining within our comfort zones of what is known.

If you had an opportunity to look into a crystal ball and see your future, would you choose to completely dispel the unknown? Choose as you wish, but I invite you to consider the magic that comes with the unknown…that comes with stepping out of that comfort zone. It takes a certain amount of trust. Yes, sometimes with others, but most importantly within ourselves.

I have found that the longer I stay within the confines of comfort and walls, the more I begin to question; the more I begin to ruminate; the more I begin to embody the bird trapped within a small cage with wings still growing; aching and eager to fly…

That is not to discount the importance of stillness and grounding; taking the time to let the waters of the mind settle; taking the time to feel our feet. There is most certainly a balance here…rocks and feathers.

Rocks remind us of the importance of the act of grounding; of rooting and of taking time to gain clarity…but not staying for too long…always growing and always changing. You can see this in the rocks that have gone through the most experience; the most transformation; beautifully smoothed over by the sands and experience of time. Their jagged edges have been softened and shined due to straying away from something permanent; something comfortable, but they remain grounded and sturdy through it all. Rocks may not know the future, but they keep on rollin’…when it’s time.

Feathers remind us of the importance of the act of flight! Of gently and compassionately emerging from our comfort zones with the softness of down to quietly, not arrogantly, spreading our wings to the wind to carry us once more.

Now, a bird cannot constantly be in flight as wings would become exhausted and feathers worn, but there is a natural instinct (that humans so often forget or ignore when comfort sets in); knowing when it’s time to fly and not questioning for one second…no crystal ball needed here. Clarity is natural within the instinctual mind.

If you are finding yourself confined to that box of comfort; wanting to look within that crystal ball of knowing, consider the grounding wisdom of the rocks; constantly connected with and rolling with the ever-present support of Mother Earth.

Consider the freedom and softness of the feathers, reminding us to be gentle with ourselves, with the fierceness of the mighty wings spreading to trust the open sky. Instinctually knowing when it’s time to fly; leaving that box so far behind…

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Photo by DESIGNECOLOGIST on Unsplash

This article was originally published on Great Abiding Yoga and is republished here with the permission of the author.

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Rebecca Eschenroeder

Most teachers know the asana and the message behind yoga. Becky Eschenroeder lives it. When you practice with Becky, you get more than a teacher on the mat; you gain guidance for your daily life. Becky’s credentials, ERYT200/ERYT500/RCYT, Certified Coach and Mentor, highlight her teaching capabilities. Beloved by her hometown in Richmond, VA, Becky has transformed countless lives through her teaching. Expanding beyond the river-city streets, she is on the road to share her gift with you and your community. Take advantage of this unique chance to practice with Becky Eschenroeder and observe how her presence to continues to impact your life even when her mat is gone.

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