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Taurus New Moon: Align With The Flow Of Life To Create Abundance


The New Moon arrives on May 4th, in the Earthy sign of Taurus. Symbolized by the bull, Taurus is stable, strong, and direct. Gentle, but formidable when provoked, Taurus rules the domain of resources, wealth, nature, and the sensual body.

Taurus innately knows that the foundation needs to be strong to withstand any incoming storms. Taurus energy can outlast and out-weather many obstacles that make the less-rooted among us falter. Yet, perseverance can easily become stubbornness and in-adaptability; thus the bull, in many ways, often requires some measure of provocation to change.

Notice where in life you resist change. What feels stuck in your outer reality? How is the universe provoking you to change this paradigm?

Stability and therefore loyalty, predictability, and dependability are important for Taurus to thrive. With such an essential need for security, Taurus can often spend its energy gathering, accumulating, resourcing, and capitalizing on whatever it needs to feel secure.

Taurus often strives to collect and cultivate the material wealth needed for security to be achieved — namely money, land, and possessions. Yet security, no matter how much we might like to imagine, is not found in money, land, or objects; nor is it found in pleasure, beauty, or even good health. These are only reflections that mirror a deeper sense of security — a security that can only be found within.

The shadow of Taurus is to become so preoccupied with material abundance that the need for inner spiritual abundance is diminished or forgotten altogether. When captured by the shadow of Taurus, we become focused on excess, indulgence, greed…or even worse, we focus on what we lack.

The shadow of Taurus is scarcity.

There is a need to release the desires and attachments for more in the external world of phenomenal reality and, instead, create something even more valuable — self-worth. Self-worth cannot be bought, earned, or for that matter, even possessed; in other words, no amount of worldly possessions will make you feel worthy if you don’t already.

Self-worth is something that deeply, innately, and more importantly, effortlessly exists already within our consciousness…if only we would realize this.

Taurus teaches us that abundance flows from an internal state of worthiness.

Lakshmi is the Hindu Goddess that is associated with abundance and prosperity. A gentle and beautiful Goddess, she is the counterpart to Vishnu, the preserver aspect of the supreme divine triad (along with Brahma the creator and Shiva the destroyer). Lakshmi is often depicted as floating on water while seated or standing on a lotus flower. She flows easily with the stream of life. Lakshmi, like Taurus, is the sustaining energy of Nature; spirit embodied as matter.

Lakshmi reveals that material abundance is a necessity for the maintenance of human life. Expansion depends on the presence of wealth; growth implies abundance. So many spiritual people identify with lack because they believe that money is selfish or negative, yet money is merely a symbol of life’s abundance.

We cannot thrive in poverty consciousness — this is akin to going against the stream of energy that sustains all life.

When we have been stuck in scarcity, aligning with the flow can feel scary. It can often feel disruptive or even paralyzing. Sometimes, the flow is so strong it feels more like the collapse of what was once secure, rather than a recalibration into abundance.

Indeed, this kind of recalibration into abundance often requires destruction, so that there is space for the new to arrive. This is why, when we finally experience getting what we want, many of us unconsciously sabotage that success in order to remain comfortable.

We have to learn to release the material comforts and distractions that disrupt the natural flow of life’s abundance.

These comforts are not representative of abundance — they are merely distractions from a sense of lack. Choosing material comforts that lead us away from our highest truth is a form of self-sabotage. To clarify, there is certainly a time when comfort and “coping” is a form of self-care; yet, if we are not mindful, we can easily label as “self-care” what is really avoidance, indulgence, or even laziness. Ideally, coping leads to deeper integration and finally the transcendence of the need for the coping skill.

Taurus, when in alignment, shows us the difference between comfort and indulgence, coping and healing, presence and avoidance.

Like Lakshmi, being in alignment with our highest potential requires trusting the flow of life’s stream. Pack your bag, but travel light; leave your worldly possessions behind. We must walk through the dark before we find a new light.

Will we have the courage to walk into this new light as it appears, or will we turn away in fear? Will we have the resolve to let the old ego-self of a material paradigm fade away? Can we choose instead a pathless path of presence and trust? Can we allow ourselves to flow with life, even if it means dramatically changing directions?

To inspire you, here are some Taurus New Moon practices for connecting to this lunar cycle:

Create an altar to Lakshmi.

Include an image of the goddess, a green candle, money or coins, a vessel of waters, and flowers with many petals. Here in the northeast, peonies are the perfect addition. Make an offering of golden honey to Lakshmi and place your written intentions on the altar. Keep the altar clean and continue to make offerings, even if these offerings are just breath and attention. At the end of the Taurus lunar cycle, burn the papers, pour out the waters and clear the altar.

Conscious giveaway.

Go around your home and find something — clothing, art, objects — that you no longer need, but to which you have assigned some sentimental value. Feel the attachment to the object and then release it to a new home, allowing space for grief if it arrives. Feel the joy of giving fully.

Plant seeds.

On the New Moon, lovingly fill a few small cups with good quality soil. Hold the same amount of seeds in your hand. Spend a few moments visualizing your deepest intentions and heart’s desires. Visualize the abundance you are calling in. Infuse the seeds with this feeling and place them in the soil. Tend to them with water and light; envisioning the manifestation of your heart’s desires.

May the blessings of Lakshmi flow to you in infinite abundance, dear readers. You are Loved.

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Elizabeth Jezorski

Elizabeth Jezorski is a Soul Embodiment Coach, astrologer, yogini and, of course, writer living on the coast Maine with her beloved husband and three children. She owns and facilitates Wild Embodiment, an up-and-coming center for the expansion of consciousness, depth-healing and expression of the Wild Soul. In this space, Liz acts as Midwife for the Soul, helping her clients move beyond the victim story and reclaim sovereignty. Elizabeth is currently accepting new clients for astrology readings, individual healing sessions and ongoing spiritual coaching. Her work combines movement, with meditation and depth psychology to facilitate powerful shifts in consciousness that resolve wounds at the root. Elizabeth has a MA in Dance Movement Therapy and a BA in Transpersonal Psychology. She is a certified yoga teacher, and Reiki healer. As a student of consciousness, Elizabeth has studied astrology, meditation, embodiment and archetypal psychology. To learn more about her work, please find her on Facebook and visit her website.

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