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You Want Transformation? Trust In Divine Timing & Believe!


Sometimes it feels like little is changing. I tend to be impatient. I get these big dreams that spill from my night into my day, dusting it with starlight, and I just want to make them happen!

Part of why I want to hurry is to bypass the discomfort of change. I don’t want to be here, where I am. I want to be there, where I can envision so much goodness, which makes me feel happy.

What I’ve realised is that my timing is not Divine Timing. This really bummed me out, for I know innately that there is no hurrying or slowing down the latter. What we can do is learn to trust the process unfolding. The less we fight it, the more continual and uninterrupted our flow.

In English, we say ‘I miss you.’ In French, it is said ‘Tu me manques,’ which means ‘you are missing from me.’ This is how we often feel during periods of transition, expansion, and deepening self-awareness. We experience a sense of something intrinsically misplaced within.

I had been feeling this sensation of a deep space opening up within me for several days, which can be most unsettling. For me, it’s heightened awareness of all sensations within and around me. It can be overwhelming to be anywhere with large crowds, excessive noise, harsh lighting, etc. Everything in my being is guiding me to rest, be quiet, stay still, be alone, reflect.

That vast expanse of uncertainty within me quells when I run on the beach, swim, practice tai-chi, write. Inner harmony can be restored simply by acknowledging its presence and being willing to face it, whatever it is. This doesn’t mean we are searching for a solution, rather, being open to aspects of ourselves that have lingered in the shadows rather than presenting front and centre.

I’m learning that it’s infinitely more powerful and transformative to be brave, to reveal our true self to ourselves. Once we do this, there is no going back to who we were, we are released from the slavery of previous, fraudulent thoughts about who we really are. As we delve deep into the transformation process, we realise that we are not who we once believed ourselves to be.

We are infinite and boundlessly capable of creating what we truly desire. This passion that arises in the heart cannot be tamed into submission. It must come to fruition. We must transform from limiting ourselves to what we have been taught we can do, to seriously contemplating what has yet to be determined.

Take a quick look back at where you were in your life at this time last year. Take note of details that feel significant to you, events that have altered your life. You may be amazed at just how much in your world has changed in under 400 days. It is truly incredible.

And so are you! You really can do anything. This requires patience, genuine kindness towards yourself, and a willingness to change — but you can be the person that you most wish to be. The process of transformation simply requires that you believe — somewhere within you — that you already are that person.

Believing is seeing. Take the chance. There’s nothing to lose and potentially everything to gain.

Photo by Hazzel Silva on Unsplash

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Shawna Fortin

I am a freelance writer, self-love coach and graphic designer living on the Eastern Coast of Australia. I am keenly interested in the energetics of life and the dynamics that play out in our world as a result of our thinking. How we feel about ourselves determines the situations that we bring into our lives. Everything transforms when we open our hearts. I learned this the hard way over many years of struggle. If we can trust that we have value, everything improves exponentially - for ourselves and for all those around us. It is my dearest wish to help anyone interested to learn that this can be true for them as well. We really can create heaven on earth when we begin with appreciating ourselves.

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