The Hand Me Down: Heirloom Of Emotional Pain


I was sitting at the table this Easter. Looking at their photos on the wall, I started to look into each of their eyes, one by one…this insight came to me…


Great Grandma, Grandma, Mom…all those years of sadness, unexplained loneliness,

Emotional distance now coming to life…


One generation after another silently speaks the same language offering the next generation the same pain.

It is not a coincidence now I see,

That their inner voices mirror

the images of their heart cry…

Now speaking through their eyes to me…

It is the hand



Heirloom of emotional pain, never broken until me…


The new rules apply to me…

No more denial to live by

I am not attached to this

The particular umbilical cord of generational disillusionment…

I have cut this cord once and for all.


I have lived in these reflecting eyes, I was trained by them, I now know…

I look at each and wonder how did they manage to keep it buried deep inside…in their silent


If I reflect back, I know they did not live it all so well…just as I did not, once upon a time…

I watched, saw, heard, felt their shattered lives and raging, unsilent pain, displayed throughout my life…


I was the lucky one, I walked so many miles away…I saw so many contrasting eyes along this path…showing me the hope, the love, the smile in their eyes…I knew I had to let go of their generational pain…

recovery is my game….

Makes me sad

To know they died with these windows to the soul, never seeing the truth of the




They left it up to me…

Now I am becoming free…!!

Who am I to ponder the heritage of life sent to me? I AM ME…just the beginning…

Photo by on Unsplash

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Discover The Love & Freedom From The Pain Only You Are Meant To Feel

As I Step Into My Pain My Soul Gently Guides Me Forward

"Lean into the flames. Pray. Sometimes change is just brutal. I pass the last bits of time imagining what it will be like on the other side of the flames. How I will disintegrate into a pile of ash and dust until no remnant of selfhood remains. Break down all the cages. Free at last from the myriad ways I’ve bound myself up in this life. Certain, because I am human, I will create new ties. Fashion a whole different set of cages. I’d be kidding myself if I thought otherwise. But for now, it is enough to pray for the wisdom to spring the traps sooner next time. To not let it come to the fires and the burning again – at least not for some time. When it is done and I am burned to the ground, there is peace. Inside that peace, deep down in the ashes new life stirs. What she becomes is not for me to know or project. Only to witness. An awe-struck observer watching how this magic of being human works. How we can be reborn again and again in the same lifetime. How in spite of – or maybe even because of – the fear, the death throes, and the pain of it all, we rise. Indomitably. Eternally. We rise." —Shannon Crossman of @shann_crossman #holyfire #wakingwild #wakeupanddream #womanonfire Rea more: 
@kayharr73 @ladypantzz @dharmaunicorn @thugunicorn


Dianna Lynn Jensen

I am a survivor of Generational Pain and co-dependency...and not allowed to talk about it. Silence is golden, NOT. I struggled most of my life to find the path to attack this affliction head on. Little did I know the vastness of its depth, distance, struggle, and strength, but I was bound and determined to see it through, it almost killed me a number of times, but what my mother did leave me was a strong persistence, to keep on keeping on, no matter what! Putting one foot in front of the other, picking myself up when I would crash to the ground of life. I wanted to find a better more effective way than that, that I had observed and lived in during the first 18 years of my life....I thought by leaving and getting out, seeing the world, experiencing it that all would be left behind. So, I dumped the baggage, chaos, and pain of my life where I picked it up....or so I thought. Life taught me differently, that it had to be acknowledged, felt and allowed to heal, then freedom would be found. I DID IT!! (and am still doing it). It is a lifetime journey, but one I have had no regrets taking. I am happy, content, peaceful, which I never thought I would be. NAMASTE.

  1. So greatful for finding this timely piece!
    Namaste beautiful phoenix! Birds of a feather flock together. Thanks for sharing. I wrote a similar piece i would love to share!

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