By Shawna Fortin HOLY FIRE

The Magical & Painful Key To Unlocking The Mysteries Of Our Soul

pain key soul mystery


Pain is something that we generally don’t wish to experience. And yet, at its root, lies the very key to the mysteries of our own soul.

If we can find a place to allow, to just sit and be with our suffering, to really acknowledge it, we find that it has its own gifts. True, they are much more difficult to perceive, but they are there.

Our culture breeds distraction so that we don’t have to feel. We attempt to fill the void left by love and longing with something else. We continually mislead ourselves by pretending that we don’t hurt or that we can’t feel the agony of loss. This doesn’t make the pain go away — instead, it goes ever deeper.

What if you were courageous enough to face your discomfort head-on, to look it straight between the eyes, to fully fall into it? What then? You may just find that this wound is a friend rather than a foe.

We are created in such a way that we cannot help but feel. The more deeply we perceive, the more expansive the knowing. It’s one of life’s infinite paradoxes.

Rather than run away or try to distance yourself from your affliction, be still. Allow it to come to you fully.

In this space of willingness, you may just discover the untold beauty and vigour of your own precious heart.

Photo by Ester Marie Doysabas on Unsplash

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Shawna Fortin

I am a freelance writer, self-love coach and graphic designer living on the Eastern Coast of Australia. I am keenly interested in the energetics of life and the dynamics that play out in our world as a result of our thinking. How we feel about ourselves determines the situations that we bring into our lives. Everything transforms when we open our hearts. I learned this the hard way over many years of struggle. If we can trust that we have value, everything improves exponentially - for ourselves and for all those around us. It is my dearest wish to help anyone interested to learn that this can be true for them as well. We really can create heaven on earth when we begin with appreciating ourselves.

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