Being Of Light, I Have Known You Since The Conception Of Time


I know you, being of Light.
I have known you since the conception of Time.
Endlessly intertwined with grace.
Ceaseless in your courage.
Persistent in growth.
Careful in the nurture of your soul.

The path may not be easy.
It may be littered with suffering.
People may hurt you.
Circumstances may break you.
Remember the Light always.
Within, around, above and below; the compass of this magnificent grace shows you the way.

The all and the none exist together.
In one there is the other.
One migrating to the other.
As the wheel turns, change is birthed.
Breathe, Beloved and know that just as everything changes, some things will remain constant.
Some things withstand the test of time.
They are unbending to the rigors of fear.
And one of those is the ever-present Light.

With your hands on your heart and with eyes closed, will you tell me what each beat of your heart murmurs soothingly to you?
Will you feel that pure wonder?
Here in the all and in the none, I await your return as you journey home to the Light.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay 

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