3 Ways To Identify The Enchanted Items In Your Life


What if I told you that many of the items you owned had powerful enchantments on them that could impact your mind and body?

Those familiar with role-playing games, whether it be on the board, or on the screen, will be familiar with this idea. In games such as Skyrim and Minecraft, you can find or create weapons, armour, and jewelry, that will make the item do more damage, offer more protection, or increase your character’s statistics.

It may sound ludicrous to some, but many people are more than happy to accept the superstitious side of this. The lucky charm.

Footballers, actors, business owners, and more, often share stories about the items that hold importance to them, and make them feel more confident.

Superstitions around knocking on wood, walking under ladders, breaking mirrors, finding pennies, and crossing our fingers, are still common and acted upon. And yet, we can pull back from really committing to this idea and allowing us to accept the possibility of enchanted items.

Science supports the idea of lucky charms. When people believe they have a lucky item with them, they do perform better. Much like a placebo effect, what we believe becomes the reality.

As Henry Ford is famous for saying, “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t — you’re right.” Switch think for believe, and you are well on your way to owning a powerful amulet.

So how do you get an enchanted item?

1. Identify those you already own

Recently Netflix explored the KonMari Method, which is a way of tidying your home that encourages cherishing the things that spark joy in your life. You hold the item and meditate for a moment to see whether it actually has an emotional impact on you.

It may seem silly. But you know it to be true. Some are obvious, the photo of a deceased parent, an anniversary gift from the love of your life, tickets from a concert you went to with a best friend. Others less so, but you have adorned your home with them anyway.

A Gryffindor necklace to remind you to be brave, an ornament of the sitting Buddha to bring wisdom and enlightenment, a motivational quote stuck to the wall.

You are surrounded by them already, and by recognising their power, you increase it. This can work with curses too, a wedding canvas showing the moment you were married may once have brought joy, but after a divorce, it may only bring resentment and bitterness.

2. Identify the enchantments in the gifts you have received

Some of the enchanted items you already have will have been gifts from friends or family. If chosen wisely, and with meaning, they can have an incredibly powerful impact.

Not just the superstition oriented luck, but confidence, happiness, emotional resilience, athletic ability, and more.

I know this all too well, and perhaps this is why I am fascinated with enchanted items. During a rough few years my younger brother, a Royal Marine, sent me his combat boots with a letter.

Part of it read, “This pair of boots has successfully seen me through the most extreme conditions this planet has to offer! I have experienced every roller coaster humanly possible wearing these boots. From physical exhaustion, fear, suffering, anger, pride, and above all, the happiest of joys!! No matter what life throws at you, always remember these boots will help you walk tall.”

Every time I put them on I think of him. His strength, his charisma, his resilience. I stand taller.

3. Identify the magical art of the compliment

Words are magic. They have an incredible power to cause harm and healing. Our words can curse or enchant. This is true with the compliment.

You may put on a new jacket and feel pretty good in it. Hopefully, it is already boosting your confidence a little, and this will tend to attract kind remarks. Perhaps it is the jacket, or perhaps they are picking up on your energy, either way, they reinforce the enchantment. “Wow, that jacket looks amazing on you!” By the end of the day, you have a +5 confidence jacket, that is strong enough to fend off a curse from the jealous frenemy that insults it.

Keep it topped up though. Every time you put it on you need to imagine that swirl of magic around you and the kind words of others floating in the air, protecting and empowering.

Once you accept this idea, you can start buying enchanted items. We often do this by modelling, by trying to embody the character traits of someone we admire. This can be as simple as a Wonder Woman keyring.

You can also buy crystals or fragrances that are known to increase certain emotions or bring prosperity.

You can, and should, compliment others, and buy gifts with a great deal of thought, in the knowledge that it has the potential to bring ongoing support to the receiver.

Yes, a lot of this may be in your mind. But so is anxiety and depression — that doesn’t mean it cannot impact your mind and body. Our imagination is incredibly powerful, and these items become anchors to a particular feeling that we want to experience more often, or in particular situations.

What enchanted items do you have?

Photo by Kira auf der Heide on Unsplash

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