A Return Of The Matriarchy: Why Women Need To Rule For A Time


“To be strong does not mean to sprout muscles and flex. It means meeting one’s own luminosity without fleeing, actively living with the wild nature in one’s own way. It means to be able to learn, to be able to stand what we know. It means to stand and live.”  ~ Clarissa Pinkola Estés

My wife is reading “Women Who Run with the Wolves” by Clarissa Pinkola Estés. It’s part of an exploration of her essential power as a conduit for the sacred feminine. Many modern women are looking back to those ancient stories from a time when their innate authority was not only recognized but revered. And this looking back is a good thing for all of us.

The patriarchy’s mad assault on life has brought us to a shadowed yet pivotal crossroads that is unrecognized by most of us. We are so easily distracted by the shiny entertainments and manufactured dramas that the patriarchy decides what we should be paying attention to. The patriarchy being those few powerful white guys—the ones with sculptural haircuts, luncheon meetings on the back nine, and a truly toxic, winner-take-all interpretation of reality.

The patriarchs need us unfocused and preoccupied with the trivial. They especially need to distract the women who are beginning to remember their fundamental abilities at moral leadership. The patriarchy doesn’t want to give up its place at the head of the table.

The greatest threat to the patriarchy is women remembering who they have always been; discovering the power that lies waiting, just below the contrived facade of the male-centric worldview.

The ruling elite expends vast resources to keep all of us in the dark, trapped in that worldview built of illusory dreams. They would have us believe it’s normal that less than 5% of CEOs of Fortune 500 companies are women or that it’s normal for a bunch of old white guys to make laws that give them greater license over a woman’s body than a woman has herself.

We’ve all been hypnotized into believing the patriarchal worldview is reality when, in fact, it’s nothing more than a childish spit in the eye of reality, a shit-stained middle finger held up to the infinite wonder of life.

The patriarchy’s intention is to ensure the privileged few always get to eat the flesh of the world like it’s their own bucket of chicken, while they keep the rest of us unconscious, spiritually impoverished, and subconsciously enslaved in their merciless and misogynistic vision. And the unbelievable bit is that their plan has been working.


My guiding light is to do all in my power to hold a welcoming space for an inspired matriarchal worldview to take root and blossom. The great call of our time is for awakened guidance that will lead us toward more harmonious and inclusive choices. The sacred feminine is the creative center that is the foundation for an enlightened approach to living together.

As the carrier and birther of the Life Force, the sacred feminine is a natural honoring of all beings as equal participants in the grand play of our living, intelligent universe. The sacred feminine is the energy of Earth’s turning.

Ideally, when our divine sanity is greater than our egoic insanity, we will recognize how a naturally balanced, yin-yang approach to creating and maintaining our society is the best way to go. But the balance has been dismally skewed for way too long. Anyone paying attention can see the lopsided results of the patriarchal worldview.

The pendulum must swing in the other direction for a time. The matriarchs need to rule us for a generation or two; the tip of our societal spear needs to be honed by the natural feminine curves that hold a reverence for all of life. The takers must go. This is possible.

The more of us who are willing to be the space for the emergence of the sacred feminine, the better chance our world has for healing. The place to truly embrace this change is here and the time is now. We can choose to live more from the matriarchal worldview, to become the change today.

There is nothing more empowering for a man than to be held in high esteem and respect by a powerful woman. In their hunger for control, many men have lost their ability to stand tall next to a woman aligned with the energy of Earth’s turning. It is the greatest loss that has made the patriarchs small, pathetic, and merciless creatures. All of us need the matriarchy’s return, especially the patriarchs.

I am very happy about my wife’s reading choices and that she is stoking the inner fire of her own unfettered luminosity. I hope more of us follow suit.

Photo by Dennis Magati from Pexels

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