You Are Love…And Your Divine Spark Can Never Be Extinguished


You know God,

I just don’t know why the sky is so blue.

I don’t know why Mother Earth is so incredibly beautiful.

And I know that I don’t know anything about the galaxies far away.

And what I do know about the Universe, I know is just a wave in the ocean.

I don’t know what will come next.

I don’t know who I shall meet.

I don’t even know who shall become a distant memory.

I don’t know if the crossing of paths with my soulmate is in the stars.

I don’t even know if I will be here tomorrow.

I do know that I’ve done my best even when I thought I hadn’t.

That I’ve battled through mountains of fears

When I thought those fears would consume me.

Overcome so much, despite not acknowledging the wins.

Died time and again. To be born again into an updated authentic version.

And been shown in those times that I haven’t always gotten it right.

Yet, I know You know that my heart is still full of love.

And I’m deserving of my dreams coming true.

And when I feel they may be before me with arms open.

I wonder why I didn’t believe in it all earlier.

Change in life is no longer what I fear.

Living without growth, without love, without joy,

Without soulful connections.

Is what I fear.

Yes God, living without You, without myself.

Risking the loss of my connection to the Divine.

Is what I fear.

Yet, no more, because I now declare to the Universe.

I accept my purpose. I accept unconditional love.

I deem myself worthy of the most amazing loving life.

For God, I realize I know nothing without You.

My soul whispered to me today as I strolled the wintry yet calm beach.

Live as God does.

I know in moments I can do just that.

I also know there will be more moments when I act without God.

Yet my purpose will always be to keep loving. To be kind.

And to remember my divine spark can never be distinguished.

For although I have always known, life has reminded me

To love even deeper than ever before.

So I stand before You. As love.

With the desire to reflect living as God does.

I love You.

Image by DarkWorkX from Pixabay 

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Al Duncan


Al Duncan has manifested a romance with the Universe. He struggled with self-belief in his early life but was blessed to cross paths with a wise soul when he was thirteen and unknowingly embarked on a twenty-year spiritual apprenticeship. When life threw him a curve ball, he embarked on an incredible adventure gifting him abundance of Universal wealth, setting his self-beloved ablaze with passion. Prior to this, his meandering rollercoaster journey went from 1% motorcycle gangs, Greenpeace New Zealand, youth mentoring, and becoming a natural intuitive life coach. The guise of the prolific intrepid traveler gave him the courage of pursuing a dream of sharing his magic as a writer for the Universe. He speaks from the heart of experience with a depth that is soulful. He has recently released his first book, Becoming One with the Universe. It is still new to the world, however the souls it has connected have commented; "the content is full of love"; "a paradigm shifter"; "answers on every page"; "This book has offered the best cognitive enlightenment I've received from the universe yet". Connect with him on Facebook or Instagram.

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