By Kate Awen MIND RISE

The Quickening — A Call For Initiation


There is a part of all of us that longs for initiation. Most of us lacked these rites of passage, and have spent our lives longing for them, without ever realizing it. There are times in our lives that must be marked and honoured, chapters that must be witnessed, and connections that must be weaved together.

For so long, we have attempted to hide this wild and primal calling because it isn’t socially acceptable, “pretty” or comfortable. Most of us today live in the city and could go a year without feeling the ground under our bare feet or being truly witnessed in our power and vulnerability by a sister of wild calling.

Most days, our lives may feel normal and comfortable, but there is always that part of us that longs to be under the moon, to scream with wild abandon, and to dance around the sacred fire in the throes of ecstasy.

We feel it in our blood, in our bones, in our womb, and to the very depths of our being. It is a drawing out, a whisper that builds itself up into a scream, a calling. It builds in intensity until we can stand it no more and, in what seems like a howl of the wind, we expand outward.

We become.

We reach the time in our lives when who and what we are can no longer be.

We go deeply inward, we descend into the depths of who we are and we emerge transformed. The change can be painful, it can cost us relationships, security, and certainty.

When we emerge on the other side, however, we know that we have never been more truly who we are and dreams that seemed impossible become realities.

This metamorphosis, dear sister, is the wildest of initiations.

It cuts to the bone, and the blood we spill becomes the fertile ground upon which we build our deepest and wildest dreams.

Photo by Mel Elías on Unsplash

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