Gentle Wind, Speak To Me Of Freedom In Your Breezes


Glancing behind her shoulders
At what remained of an old life
Wishing so much, the hands of the clock would turn back
Maybe some things could be done differently?
And yet, the spark within that responds
To the gentle nudge of the breeze
That which heralds the whispers and storms of change
He who is the Wind
Looks deep into her eyes and shakes his head gently.

The storm blew you this way for a reason, dear one.
And with a piercing wail, she cries, “But why did it have to be me?
And why did it have to be this way?”

Gently the Wind says, “Because change comes to those who wish to set themselves free.”

She tells the Wind that she still doesn’t understand but his softness is so soothing, and his kind eyes are so gentle that she becomes calm enough to listen.

And he says to her, “One day you will know why my dearest one. Until then, trust that the Source, Divine Creator of all, knows the way. Yes, even when you don’t. Even when you question why you seem so lost.
Sorrow and despair is a polarity of joy and hope.
The light always shines even when it is dark.
I blew you here, not without a reason.
Here my winds will help you rise from the ashes.
Yes, even when you do not know how.
Never lose hope, dear Phoenix.
For this too shall pass and the sun will shine again.

There in the horizon, the Phoenix will rise once again.
Elegant in grace, shining with the light of compassion, kindness, and forgiveness,
With wings made of unconditional love.
She birthed these from her pain, sorrow, and despair.
Someday you will see. And someday you will know that — you always knew it.”

Image by David Bruyland from Pixabay 

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Lalita Simon-Creasey

Lalita Simon-Creasey has been a rebel all her life and struggles to conform to what the world wants her to be. She has an intense passionate love affair with walking as much as she can as her Authentic Self and this is why she loves her life’s purpose so much. As a Medium and Way Shower, she guides people on transformative Soul Quests to uncover their Authentic Self within. When she is not talking to people about Authentic Selves, she shares her divinely inspired soulful insights on her Facebook page with the purpose to inspire her readers to be the change they want to see. She also runs a household that seems chaotic and messy at times but with a perfectly content husband and two children who, like her, don’t seem to conform all that well either! You can also connect with Lalita at Soulful Insights on Facebook or Instagram.

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