Sometimes The Road Less Travelled Isn’t What You Think


You’ve only just begun, and yet it seems impossible to be so
When you take into account the luggage already behind, some sorted and some in tow,
Blinded by the road ahead sometimes the grass seems too tall
Then there’s other things to consider like your surrounding wall,
Built to keep people out and yet sometimes you do wonder what else is kept away
I will say you’re not being asked to throw all caution to the wind, definitely not the way.

Just being asked to consider that there’s more to what is kept beyond and within the binds
Sometimes the road less travelled isn’t what you think nor is it about all those brilliant finds,
Not about a timetable nor a perfectly laid out schedule to fit in all those seeming perfections
And then you wonder what is it with all these attempts at instigating neat summations?
A never-ending map that keeps disappearing when you least expect it to
Teasing visions that evoke the peace of a thousand sunsets’ in a sky amazingly blue.

So you may ask why is it that it feels like you’ve only just begun
When you know very well how wonky this road is and that’s certainly no pun,
The question to be asked is what have you been seeing with — through eyes or heart
One is defined by labels and one has no limitations on its part,
And yet it takes more than the luggage behind us to see with our hearts, this is true I know
Because the path, the heart, and the vision join together in glorious union the more we grow.

And along the way, you may point at others and shake your head
Thinking to yourself, “Well that’s a terribly horrendously made bed,”
You’ll find yourself thinking, “Thank God I don’t do things in that messy careless way”
Perhaps all you can see for now is that mess through the defining limits of dismay,
Yet history has taught us that from the ruins of many a great deemed failures
Come new beginnings that once upon a time existed only as mere conjectures.

Photo by Matthew Ronder-Seid on Unsplash

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"In any life there is a time to speak – clear and strong and true. Hours and minutes when your voice will be the only thing that can deliver you through to what comes next. When coming clean is the grace that serves and saves. When you must unleash your truest story and stand tall and true in the aftermath. But in any life there is also a time to keep quiet, spaces for words that have not yet found their fullness, or where the speaking of them would bring hurt that would serve no purpose. There are times when truth telling will lead you down a path toward a door you know is best left closed, regardless of the sweet temptation of the opening. There are backwards glances filled with the bittersweet melancholy of regret, and the words trapped in throat that have passed the time the universe gave for their expression. There are interactions where the energy required to set things straight would cost more than the setting straight is worth." —Jeanette LeBlanc of @jeanetteleblanc & @wildheartwriters #theartofsilence #wakeupanddream #youarethemagic More here: @kayharr73 @ladypantzz @thugunicorn @dharmaunicorn


Lalita Simon-Creasey

Lalita Simon-Creasey has been a rebel all her life and struggles to conform to what the world wants her to be. She has an intense passionate love affair with walking as much as she can as her Authentic Self and this is why she loves her life’s purpose so much. As a Medium and Way Shower, she guides people on transformative Soul Quests to uncover their Authentic Self within. When she is not talking to people about Authentic Selves, she shares her divinely inspired soulful insights on her Facebook page with the purpose to inspire her readers to be the change they want to see. She also runs a household that seems chaotic and messy at times but with a perfectly content husband and two children who, like her, don’t seem to conform all that well either! You can also connect with Lalita at Soulful Insights on Facebook or Instagram.

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