Your Inner Amazon Will Light The Way & She’s Ready When You Are


You’re wild in spirit
You’re soft at heart
But when night lasts too long
You often get lost in the dark

You stumble and fall
In the jungle of your mind
While vicious self-doubt
Lurks just behind

You’re questioning your worth
You’re hiding in the fog
Afraid to face the beasts
Feasting off your internal monologue

I think it’s time I remind you
Of the amazon inside
Courageous and rebellious
She will not conform nor abide

She’s mastered her power
She’ll guide with kind eyes
The beasts won’t come near her
They bow and recognise

She’ll draw out your strength
From a forgotten reservoir
Inner flame ablaze
Shedding old fears as you soar

She radiates love
And always stands tall
She’s ready when you are
Have faith and listen for the call

Photo by Julian Santa Ana on Unsplash

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