Your Heart Might Be Shattered, But Your Soul Is Unbreakable


You, who’s seen the darkness
yet searches for the light
You, who’s been to hell and back,
exhausted from the fight.

You, who’s lived the pain
yet chooses Love instead
You, whose heart’s been shattered,
and left hanging by a thread.

You; you are a flicker
which cannot be snuffed out
In spite of all you’ve been through,
In spite of any doubt.

You, who’s seen destruction
which most could not conceive,
yet searches for the beauty
even when it hurts to breathe.

You, you are my hero
and you don’t even know
how your presence keeps me going;
draws me into flow.

So when you’re feeling useless,
hopeless, broken, flawed, or blue
know that I can see your flame,
and feel those feelings too.

And your soul, it is unbreakable…
perfect, whole, and true,
so even death cannot destroy
the essence which is you.

Please remember in the darkest times
you don’t have to be strong,
cause Life will hold a space for you
and you’ll always belong.

Photo by ActionVance on Unsplash

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