I Was Not Meant To Live In The Shadows Of My Life — I Was Meant To Soar


The bumpy road I have traveled,

Day in and day out,

Has brought me so much joy

And so much grief.


My mother armored me with persistence,

And dear old Pop, with taking it all easy.


My life knocked me over

And piled me in a heap.

But I did not lay there for long…

I picked it all up and just carried on.


I’m going to make it…it’s the last time any of you drag me down.

I was not meant to live here in the shadows of my life.

I was meant to be free…free to be me.

I just didn’t have the strength until now.


I was meant to soar up in the clouds…

Seeing the world from above,

Not below.

Tasting life and making me whole.


Oh dear God, I was meant to be free…

To soar in open spaces…

Amongst all the faces.


I hold my place now…

You cannot take it from me.

This is where I will live.


I walk this earth, head held high…

Shoulders back,

Cadence proud.


Hallelujah to this day!!

I’m Free…

Photo by Fabrizio Verrecchia on Unsplash

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Dianna Lynn Jensen

I am a survivor of Generational Pain and co-dependency...and not allowed to talk about it. Silence is golden, NOT. I struggled most of my life to find the path to attack this affliction head on. Little did I know the vastness of its depth, distance, struggle, and strength, but I was bound and determined to see it through, it almost killed me a number of times, but what my mother did leave me was a strong persistence, to keep on keeping on, no matter what! Putting one foot in front of the other, picking myself up when I would crash to the ground of life. I wanted to find a better more effective way than that, that I had observed and lived in during the first 18 years of my life....I thought by leaving and getting out, seeing the world, experiencing it that all would be left behind. So, I dumped the baggage, chaos, and pain of my life where I picked it up....or so I thought. Life taught me differently, that it had to be acknowledged, felt and allowed to heal, then freedom would be found. I DID IT!! (and am still doing it). It is a lifetime journey, but one I have had no regrets taking. I am happy, content, peaceful, which I never thought I would be. NAMASTE.

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