My Mission Is Love & I Am Creating Magic


I release the rigidity that has existed in me. I see the infinite shades of grey that exist between the light and dark. I release my need to know the details and outcomes and embrace the ebb and flow of what life brings to me.

My mission is love. It always has been. A beautiful gift buried under layers of pain and insecurity. Love is not butterscotch and candy heart feelings. Love is bold and deep, like hot lava running smoothly over anything that stands in its way.

Destruction alongside creation — not for the faint of heart. It is an indestructible force of earth and fire — unmovable and unshakable. The blazing heat incinerating fear, ego, and insecurity — absorbing them, dissolving them, re-creating them.

It is in this heat that they are forged into truth. Millions of truths that exist in separation and connection — death and rebirth.

It is in this transmutation that purpose arises, setting the heart on fire and then settling peacefully into the soul with unmovable resolution. This resolution defies the restraints of the norm — an outmoded norm that feeds on the fear lurking in subconscious waters.

All is acknowledged as perfect. Perfect fuel for the fire of unconditional love. The old, still present, but slowly being dissolved into the creation that will become the dark, nurturing presence of the Great Mother.

No remorse, only unapologetic peace. The creation of a new reality. The creation of Eden, where the only sin present is to eat the fruit of fear.

I see you, fear, so familiar, so tempting. I swim with you, but my roots have grown too strong for your destructive chaos. I have been re-created by SHE, who has taught me to sway and dance in your presence. I now see the untruth.

A wicked laughter arises from the dark, serpentine and glimmering as it shakes and shimmies its way up into the light, transforming itself into black glitter. I no longer am “this” or “that,” the dark or the light. I am ALL and I am whole.

Scandalous and virginal, gentle and fierce, with the ease and grace of a shimmering SHE-panther, daring fear to draw near. I absorb you into love and your foggy distortion dissipates.

You were only an illusion, and I am creating Magic.

Photo by Nikola Jovanovic on Unsplash

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"The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow." -W. B. Y e a t s . . . . #wakeupanddream #wbyeats #dailymagic


Stefanie Mossakowski

Stefanie Mossakowski is a Reiki Practitioner, Spiritual Coach, Yoga Teacher, and LMSW. Through her own path of transformation, Stefanie chose to leave a conventional path as a Therapist working with trauma survivors, to return to her native path of intuition, creativity, and divine feminine healing. She created Green Venus Healing, to honor each woman's connection to their own healing potential and spiritual wisdom. She passionately believes in returning to the healing wisdom of Nature, energy, and Spirit; and dreams of a future world where love is revered as the ruling truth. She feels honored to be a student of Nature and life, and to share what she has learned in a way that honors the ancient wisdom of the feminine. She is a dreamer, healer, peacemaker, wanderer, seer, and fierce force of Nature; and encourages other women to discover their own unique gifts, truth. Connect on Facebook.

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