Society, How I Feel For You — It Was Never Meant To Be This Way


Dear Society,

Many years ago I bid you a not so fond farewell. I was exhausted by your controlling ways. My soul whispered, then screamed, “Walk away. Save yourself. One day you will share your story to inspire others.”

That same voice has guided my return. “Return you must to test the turbulent waters of yesteryear.” I pondered if the concept of “you can never go back” applied to the matrix of society too.

I held hopes, not that high, that you had awakened to see the errors of your ways.
Yet I see no change. You still have people in chains. Pushing them to breaking point.

Society. How I feel for you. You know, I deeply wish you will see a higher way of being. Life can be so joyous and free for All. It was never meant to be this way. An elite few manipulated a system so the common person’s journey would be one of struggle.

And now, as my hopes seem dashed and I can stand no more, I feel a possible last fond farewell. Yet, not without planting a message of hope. As an eternal freedom seeker, I feel it’s an opportunity to remind those who care to listen and have tasted modern slavery for too long.

You, too, are still at choice. You, too, can change. “Be the change you want to see in the world” is far more than a clever quote.

Because one thing is for sure. Society is a rigid mo-f@cka. And the powers that be are not of our world. They look down on the peacemakers and lovers of the world. And try as you might, society plays every trick in the book to bring you down and keep you trapped.

All I can say are these four words: “Take back your power.” Do this in whatever integral way you can. Stand up for what you believe in. Stand up for those who believe they can’t. Honor who you really are. And never, ever give in.

There is and always will be another way. You may not see it now, but lift the veil and all shall be revealed. In hindsight, the illusions will have been just another mask.

Final farewell? No such thing in this infinite Universe. I’ll be back. I shall return. Stronger than before with a few new enlightened tricks up my sleeve. Oh yeah. Universe. Its time to ride together again! And if/when I get scared, I no longer need to remind myself I’ve got this. Because I know you are my constant loving celestial companion.

“He threw caution to the wind,” some will say. Others will see that I went with the wind.

I chose to go where the heart called from. The mind resisted, yet the heart was stronger and the soul wiser.

Society looked on in disdain for it had witnessed the “wild ones” time and again. “Leave him be. And never talk of him,” muttered whispers of cover-ups were heard. Yet even society’s rigid outlook knew the brave cannot be silenced or unseen. They cause a ripple effect felt far and wide. Others will stir like dolphins in the wake of a boat’s bow.

Society. Take it from me. You have fallen before, and you shall fall again. For in the wrath of your control thousands upon millions have felt burnt as their ancestors were.

Now the Age of Light has arrived. All who walk in awareness now have powerful intentions to rise. No matter what is thrown. No matter who is battered.

“Fear no more!” is the cry of the inspired amongst the masses, “For we have the mystical ones and miracles on our side. We have love.”

A courageous man called Gandhi walks in the hearts of all. The brave have evolved from the pioneers of the past to be more determined in the name of peace than ever before.

We will not fight as you might expect. There are other ways far mightier than the sword. We shall remain peaceful. We shall allow the truth to shine through.

And like a vampire at dawn, society — you shall fall. And the new earth will arise with equality as the new law of the land.

“We are all one” will reach every facet of the globe and our natural way of being in unison will be born. Not just born but reinvented as the new species of Mother Earth. The poets will speak of a once upon a time when it was a mere concept the mystics dared to speak of.

The earth will go quiet. The man-made calamities will find peace. All minds will evolve, and any others will be called to the Celestine home. For their contractual part in “waking” humanity will have been summoned by the almighty maker, the Universe.

Knowing soulful eyes of welling tears will meet. Wary hearts full of love will reconnect. Souls will declare and vow that we never allow ourselves to feel or become separate again. And so it was. And so, it always shall be. For the unison revealed a signature to the keys of a forever peaceful future.

This energy won’t just be talked about. It will be felt throughout galaxies who have observed with the divine hope of angels.

Our power is precious. Take it back. Face the fears. Remain forever hopeful. Allow the new Earth to rise from the ashes.

Society, thank you. You have served us to see our divine truth.

Photo by Christopher Sardegna on Unsplash

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Moon Wisdom "The stronger and more unified the force of human presence is the more universal power can get behind it. Miracles happen when we believe in people. You must hold sacred ground in times like these. The old arguments of rationalising it away, won’t work. You must remain realistic and ever more attentive. While you fight together for these causes — clean water and basic human rights (among others) — you must you must you must continue to defend the sacred from within you. The principles of the 13 grandmothers will help guide you: Gratitude, Integrity, Wisdom, Balance, Family, Peace, Compassion, Diversity, Unity, Tenderness, Wonder, Justice, Co-Operation, Expression, Vision, beauty, Creativity." —Andrea Maxine Frade #moonsandstars #newmoonnovember #howlforyourlife Read more: 
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Al Duncan


Al Duncan has manifested a romance with the Universe. He struggled with self-belief in his early life but was blessed to cross paths with a wise soul when he was thirteen and unknowingly embarked on a twenty-year spiritual apprenticeship. When life threw him a curve ball, he embarked on an incredible adventure gifting him abundance of Universal wealth, setting his self-beloved ablaze with passion. Prior to this, his meandering rollercoaster journey went from 1% motorcycle gangs, Greenpeace New Zealand, youth mentoring, and becoming a natural intuitive life coach. The guise of the prolific intrepid traveler gave him the courage of pursuing a dream of sharing his magic as a writer for the Universe. He speaks from the heart of experience with a depth that is soulful. He has recently released his first book, Becoming One with the Universe. It is still new to the world, however the souls it has connected have commented; "the content is full of love"; "a paradigm shifter"; "answers on every page"; "This book has offered the best cognitive enlightenment I've received from the universe yet". Connect with him on Facebook or Instagram.

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