By Rebecca Eschenroeder POETIC JUSTICE

Alone & Free Among The Clouds, I Feel Blissful



Suspended in space once again I fly alone and free among the clouds and the sun rays and the spirits and all of the magic we know as children that is so easily forgotten.

With eyes wide open; with eyes closed; these wings carry on.

Sleep is sparse but energy abounds.

What will this adventure bring?

All expectations; all attachments are left behind for these moments of blissful weightlessness…

. . .

Rebecca Eschenroeder’s book, “Collecting Feathers” is available worldwide. Order directly from her website!

This poem was originally published on Great Abiding Yoga and is reprinted here with the permission of the author.

Photo by Fuu J on Unsplash

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Rebecca Eschenroeder

Most teachers know the asana and the message behind yoga. Becky Eschenroeder lives it. When you practice with Becky, you get more than a teacher on the mat; you gain guidance for your daily life. Becky’s credentials, ERYT200/ERYT500/RCYT, Certified Coach and Mentor, highlight her teaching capabilities. Beloved by her hometown in Richmond, VA, Becky has transformed countless lives through her teaching. Expanding beyond the river-city streets, she is on the road to share her gift with you and your community. Take advantage of this unique chance to practice with Becky Eschenroeder and observe how her presence to continues to impact your life even when her mat is gone.

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