By Megan Mulligan MIND RISE

Speaking Up & Waking Up In The Light Of Our Deepest Truth


Bringing peace and wellbeing into the workspace takes emotional work for me. It can be tricky to navigate the waters between self-care and service. Particularly for extremely sensitive beings who have lots of needs.

Therapy, yoga, energy work, grounding, rest.

To an employer, these may look like a wish list. But for those of us who are woke, they represent basic needs. Just like food and water.

And while our society evolves, at present it takes vulnerability to speak up for our wellbeing. Particularly inside the workspace, still often defined by “the grind.”

But it is imperative that we speak. We must stay dedicated to our essence. We must use our words.

In this spirit, today, I tried something for the very first time.

I told a prospective employer that I need astral events off. I mapped out the way that new and full moon energies disrupt my sleep. And that, I need to regulate my work hours accordingly.

How human is that? Furthermore, it is my truth. Let me say that again: It is my truth.

I am a being of the highest sensitivity. I can feel Chiron when it’s in the air. I sense earthquakes for days in advance, often confusing the aches and pains of Mother Earth as my own. But as soon as the event occurs, like Mama, I feel a release.

Today, as an earthquake occurred on the west coast of the United States, the release I felt was almost immediate. And the truth is, we are all this sensitive. We are all connected. And we all know what it is to feel on this very deep level.

Many are just too unconscious to know it.

So while I am not sure this potential job listing is “mine” yet — perhaps the real work was: putting my truth on the line. Spelling out to a male “superior” that I can’t sleep for moon energies. That my well-being is more important than jumping into a morning commute when everyone’s wack, and most don’t know why.

And you know what the deepest truth of all is?

That I am a goddamn adult. No one can tell me where to be and when. The whole construct of corporate America is another way for large masses of white men to control by fear.

It takes more courage to go out and create our own reality. One that actually works for us. A whole lot more courage to know that we are not meant to work the way that they “tell us” and that self-care, rest, and time off the commute clock are how our best self rises.

That is what they are afraid of.

So although not the most popular of expressions yet, perhaps we are starting a new dialogue in society. One where we get to express our solar truths as they align with the great picture of Existence and Astrology.

As above, so below.

3D human beings are simply a projection of the whole. The entire Existence is within us. So when the moon’s transiting, I am transiting. When she is at full tilt boogie glow, my energies are expressing that, too. No wonder I can’t sleep.

Corporate America might not be ready for it. But I am. So let’s do this.

It has to start somewhere. May as well be here. And it might as well be now. We’ve managed to navigate our way through women’s suffrage, we can surely find a way to talk about Existence as it expresses in our daily human lives.

After all, when more of us speak-up, more will wake-up.

Just imagine what the future holds in the light of truth. Imagine all the possibilities for a more peaceful daily pace and societal vibration when our ways of living align — again — with the way Mother Nature designed. I, for one, am up for the task. To speak my truth. To live my truth. Are you?

Photo by Natalie Grainger on Unsplash

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  1. Yes!!! The more of us who speak on our truths in corporate America, the faster the shift! I do this as well! I need emotional days off based on the movement of my soul families ascension.

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